Marry My Husband Episode 7
Prime Video, tvN

Marry My Husband Episode 7: Ji-Won Gets Trapped, Jealousy Takes A Toll! WATCH HERE

Since its debut, the K-drama has never missed a chance to surprise the audience. And the previous episode was a rollercoaster ride. Ji-Won pulled off her deadly plan and, in the end, learned about Ji-hyeok’s secret. Now that Ji-won and Ji-hyeok have discovered their secrets, seeing how they both react will be intriguing. While fans wonder, Marry My Husband Episode 7 suggests that it will indeed turn out to be fruitful for them. Ji-Won now knows that her boss could be a help. But will she rely on him? Unfortunately, the situation doesn’t seem pleasant for Ji-hyeok. Why? Let’s find out!

Marry My Husband Episode 7: What To Expect Next?

Ji-Won and Ji-hyeok are surprised to learn they are both from the future. However, the preview clip for the Marry My Husband Episode 7 suggests this discovery will bring them closer. They will indeed have a heart-to-heart conversation, which will help them realize that they need to pull off their plans together. But Ji-hyeok will struggle to express his feelings for Ji-won. That’s because someone’s sees him with Ji Won, which creates a problem in his personal and professional life. Despite that, the boss seems optimistic about changing their fate.

On the other hand, Ji Won struggles to pull her plan. Although Min-Hwan and Soo-Min are getting close now, things are going differently than the plan. While she tries to bring them closer, Marry My Husband Episode 7 suggests that she will face some challenges during the field activity. Since Ji-hyeok won’t be there, Min-hwan will plan to overpower Ji-Won. It will indeed put her life on the edge. But the trailer suggests she will return to the safe spot. Following their return, Ji-hyeok will spot Ji-Won with Eun-Ho. Will it lead to a love triangle?

A Quick Recap!

The last we saw that Ji-hyeok fell unconscious in Ji-Won’s arms. Anxious Ji-Won quickly took her boss to the hospital. Following this incident, Ji-hyeok dropped her home and assured her that nothing would change between them. The following day, Ji-hyeok cornered Min-hwan, warned him to stay away from Ji-Won, and told him to treat the latter better. Min-hwan heeded his words. However, it was because he had a moment with Su-min the last night. Later that day, Hyung-wook kicked Ji-Won out of the meal-kit project. It made her upset as she couldn’t change her life.

Marry My Husband Episode 7
Prime Video, tvN

Upon learning this, Ji-hyeok took Ji-Won to the Judo center and taught her some moves. It helped her realize that she had to continue her pretend act to get what she wanted. She cunningly involved Director Wang, Hyung-wook’s relative, in the project and then waited for the right time to hit the hammer. Soon the time came when Director Wang went abroad. Just then, Ji-Won called him and instigated him. It made him furious, unleashing anger on the airline staff. It quickly made headlines, and he and Hyung-Wook were kicked out of the project. Ji-hyeok informed Ji-Won about this news, but they soon realized they both were from the future.

Marry My Husband Episode 7: Release Date

The upcoming episode will indeed focus on the shocking realization. Will it bring Ji-hyeok and Ji-Won together? You will learn it on Marry My Husband Episode 7, which will air on January 22, 2024, at 20:50 KST. The K-drama has a total number of 16 episodes with a runtime of around 60 minutes. It drops every episode on Monday and Tuesday nights on the local Korean network, tvN. The show is also available on Prime Video for the international audience. So, don’t miss it. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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