Days of Our Lives: Carson Boatman Previews Being A New Father, Shares Inside Details

Welcome to the real-life drama behind the soap opera scenes! Carson Boatman, famous for playing Johnny in Days of Our Lives, recently became a real-life hero as he welcomed his little princess, Ava Rey. Forget scripts; this is the genuine story of Carson navigating the exciting yet unpredictable journey of becoming a dad for the first time. Join us in this exclusive look as Carson shares the heartfelt moments, funny stories, and unique bond he’s building with his adorable daughter. Their real-life adventure is just as captivating as any soap opera plot.

A Bundle of Joy Arrives

On December 18, 2023, Carson Boatman and his wife, Julana, received a surprise early Christmas gift. It was none other than their baby girl, Ava Rey. Carson spills the beans on what it was like to be there with Julana when Ava made her big entrance into the world. It sounded like a super exciting rollercoaster ride! Choosing a name for the baby turned out to be a special adventure for Carson and Julana. 

Days of Our Lives-Carson, Julana and their baby girl, Ava Rey
DOOL/Carson and Julana, with their baby, Ava

Discover the heartwarming story behind the name ‘Ava Rey.’ It’s not just a name; it’s a meaningful way to connect with family and remember someone truly special. Carson is not just a Days of Our Lives star; he’s also a hands-on dad! Also, he tells us all about the everyday stuff, from changing diapers to rocking Ava to sleep. He’s proud to say he’s doing everything he can to make life easier for Julana. But, of course, he can’t do the breastfeeding part!

Days of Our Lives: No Sleep, Lots of Love!

Living with a newborn baby presents its own unique challenges. This becomes particularly pronounced when Carson has to wake up early for work. He spills the beans on the funny moments and the heartwarming ones. Imagine hearing Ava’s coos and feeling her tiny heartbeat—those moments are pure magic. Even with the lack of sleep, Carson wouldn’t trade these moments for anything in the world.

Days of Our Lives-Collage of Carson, Julana and their baby girl, Ava Rey
DOOL/Carson, Julana and their baby girl, Ava Rey

Furthermore, Carson tells us about the unexpected twist in their baby journey. They thought they were having a boy, but it turned out to be a girl. Carson shares the emotional journey of realizing that having a daughter is like getting an extra special gift. He spills the beans on why being a father to a daughter feels so magical and unique.

Carson’s adventure into fatherhood is like a soap opera—full of excitement, challenges, and heartwarming moments. As he embraces the chaos of parenting, fans of Days of Our Lives get a sneak peek into the real-life story of their favorite soap star. In this ongoing tale, Carson’s little girl, Ava Rey, steals the spotlight, adding a new chapter to Carson’s reel and real-life adventures. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Days of Our Lives updates.


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