My Happy Ending Episode 12
Viki, Viu

My Happy Ending Episode 12: The Massive Showdown & More! WATCH HERE

After Soon-Young’s death, everything seems to spiral down in Jae-Won’s life. She initially wants to let him suffer after learning about his betrayal. However, she forgets her plan after losing her memories. But now that he is gone, it will severely affect her, especially when her nemesis hits the bull’s eye. Yoon Jin is now leading Jae-Won’s company, which will continue to trouble the latter. But My Happy Ending Episode 12 hints that the latter will soon get back her memories. Will it help her take revenge on everyone who looks down on her? Keep reading to know that.

My Happy Ending Episode 12: Jae-Won Returns To Fight Back! What’s Next?

Yoon Jin is already one step ahead of Jae-Won, and she is entirely aware of the condition of her childhood friend. This is why it becomes pretty easy for her to take over Jae-Won’s place. Not only this, but Yoon Jin is also aware of the DNA test result. She knows who the birth parents of Jae-Won’s daughter are. But instead of disclosing the truth, she will make everyone’s life more chaotic, especially Jae-Won’s. However, My Happy Ending Episode 12 hints that Yoon Jin has something to do with Soon-Young’s murder case.

My Happy Ending Episode 12
Viki, tvN

Had she killed him as he refused to stay with her? There’s speculation that Yoon Jin is using Soon-Young and his daughter to take revenge on Jae-Won. She still blames the latter for the breakup. And it seems like a perfect plan to kick Jae-Won out of her life. While Jae-Won’s life spirals, she will soon learn about her father’s betrayal. It will indeed push her to her limits, forcing her other version to wake up and take matters into her own hands. If this happens, it will lead to a massive showdown between Yoon Jin and Jae-Won.

A Quick Recap!

The last we saw Jae-Won reeling over her husband’s murder case ordeal. She had completely lost track of her life as she had nowhere to go, thanks to her father, who kicked her out of their family legacy. While her professional life was on the brink of collapse, she was transferred to the psychic facility. This was because the police believed her mental health wasn’t fit to continue with the interrogation session. A change in her attorney also created more complications for Jae-Won.

My Happy Ending Episode 12
Viki, tvN

While she dealt with the issues on her hands, she was unaware of her father’s move. He appointed Yoon-Jin as the new COO, replacing Jae-Won. Shortly after that, Yoon-Jin began working on her nefarious motive. She took control of the company and even Jae-Won’s personal affairs. She even tried to steal the latter’s daughter. However, someone tried to stop Yoon-Jin. The man also told her not to use the little girl as her shield. Despite that warning, Yoon-Jin continued with her nefarious plans.

My Happy Ending Episode 12: Release Date

The upcoming episode will drop several bombshells on the protagonist as soon as she learns about her place in her own company. Will she break down? You will learn it on My Happy Ending Episode 12, which will air on February 4, 2024, at 9:10 pm KST. The audience in South Korea can catch it on tvN and TV Chosun. Meanwhile, the audience in other regions can watch it on Viki and Viu. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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