April 22, 2024
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Marry My Husband Episode 12: Ji-Won The ‘Second Woman!’ WATCH HERE

Marry My Husband Episode 12

Now that Ji-Won has avenged Soo-Min and Min-Hwan, she heads to live a peaceful life with Ji-Hyuk. However, their romantic time will be interrupted soon, and credit goes to Ji-Hyuk. The previous episode has already teased that more trouble is around the corner. And now, in Marry My Husband Episode 12, the pair will soon find themselves in a dramatic situation when someone from the past resurfaces to mess up their happy moment. But wait! Someone else will find herself in the same spot as Ji-Won. Who? Keep reading to know that.


Marry My Husband Episode 12: Ji-Won Becomes The Third Wheel

The shocking twist in the end has already made things dramatic for Ji-Won. She had no clue that Ji-Hyuk was engaged. However, after meeting his ex-fiancee Oh Yoo Ra, the pair’s dynamic will indeed change. Marry My Husband Episode 12 preview clip suggests that Ji-Won will seek an answer to this betrayal when Yoo Ra reveals that Ji Hyuk called off the engagement after meeting the former. It will shatter her to the core, as this isn’t what Ji-Won is looking for.

As the preview clip of Marry My Husband Episode 12 progresses, it showcases that Yoo Ra does her best to remind Ji-Won that she’s now dating the former’s trash. She even tells Ji-Won, “I don’t like it when someone touches my thing.” Meanwhile, Soo-Min breaks down after learning that Ji-Won is dating a rich man. While Soo-Min reels over her loss, Ji-Won learns about Ju-Ran’s fate. She finds out that the latter is suffering from stomach cancer and breaks down in tears, learning her ill fate has been transferred to Ju-Ran.

A Quick Recap!

Ji-won finally got what she wanted as Min-Hwan and Soo-Min prepared for their upcoming nuptials in the previous episode. Min-Hwan’s mother was surprisingly excited and decided to plan everything for the couple. While it upset Soo-Min

, she decided to follow her would-be husband’s mother’s plan to please her. However, in order to hurt Ji-Won, Soo-Min invited her to her wedding. But to her surprise, Ji-Hyuk sent the invitation to the entire office. It soon messed up with the pair’s life.

The complication didn’t over there. During Soo-Min and Min-Hwan’s wedding, Ji-Won and Ji-Hyuk arrived, and the reincarnated queen congratulated Soo-Min for marrying her trash. Despite the pair getting married, their beautiful wedding day was ruined when Soo-Min and Ji-Won’s school friends arrived and badmouthed Soo-Min. As for Ji-Won and Ji-Hyuk, they decided to give each other a shot and live happily ever after. However, the episode ended with a shocking twist.

Marry My Husband Episode 12
Prime Video

It revealed that now Yang Ju-Ran was suffering from stomach cancer. It appeared that Ji-Won’s destiny had finally changed, but it had also affected other’s lives. Also, when the pair arrived home, a woman presumed to be Ji-Hyuk’s ex-fiancee was waiting for them.

Marry My Husband Episode 12: Release Date

The forthcoming episode will indeed bring more trouble down the road. And it will be intriguing to see how Ji-Won reacts after learning the truth. Catch it on Marry My Husband Episode 12, February 6, 2024, at 8:50 pm KST. The all-new episode airs every Monday and Tuesday night on tvN in South Korea. Meanwhile, it will also be simulcast on Prime Video in selective regions. So, stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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