Days of Our Lives Spoilers- Harris

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week of February 12-16, 2024: Tripp Fights To Save Harris, Chanel – Johnny’s Special Wedding

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week of February 12-16, 2024, reveal that multiple lives are on the line in the coming week. While Harris struggles to hold on to his after a shoot-out. Chad and his family struggle when the Horton House goes up in flames. Who could be behind the arson? Clyde, or someone else? Meanwhile, Johnny and Chanel surprise Paulina with their special wedding plans. So keep reading for more details.

Horton House Blazes, Tripp Does His Best To Save Harris

Previously, on DOOL, Chad had a huge clash with Clyde at Statesville. Consequently, both men made menacing threats at each other. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that in the February 12, 2024, episode, the Horton house burns down to ashes. Now, going by the peculiar timing, Chad concludes that it has to be Clyde’s doing. Thus, he updates Everett on the incident. Later, Chad along with Thomas and Charlotte moves into the Kiriakis Mansion to live with Maggie. Julie and Doug Williams too accept Maggie’s offer to move in with her.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers-The Horton House
DOOL/ The Horton House goes up in flames

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Tripp will struggle to save the life of his patient. Which turns out to be Harris Michaels after sustaining a gunshot wound. Thankfully, Harris pulls through, which brings huge relief to Ava. However, she does get caught in the cross hairs of the aftermath alongside Stefan. When Rafe investigates the matter, he feels that the story isn’t adding up. Does that mean Ava and Stefan could get blamed for Harris’ condition?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Johnny and Chanel Surprise Paulina, Xander and Sarah Fight

As we know, Paulina is due for surgery soon. This has derailed Johnny and Chanel’s wedding plans. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Paulina feels really guilty about the roadblock that has suddenly happened for her daughter and Johnny. However, she is in for a huge surprise in the upcoming episodes. As, the spoilers tease that Johnny and Chanel may end up taking their marital vows right next to Paulina’s hospital bed. Which also means Johnny finally gets past the fear Chad put in his ear.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Johnny-Chanel
DOOL/ Johnny Chanel make a big decision

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Xander and Sarah’s romantic progress comes to a screeching halt during the week of February 12-16, 2024. The ex- husband and wife end up in a massive argument when Sarah begins to feel that he is slipping back to his old ways. Could it have something to do with the phone call he got. and the assignment? What ever it is, the argument makes Xander fear that he may have lost his second chance with Sarah. But that may not necessarily be true.

Steve and Kayla Celebrate, Theresa Expects A Proposal

During the week starting February 12, 2024, Steve and Kayla celebrate their anniversary. The two take down a trip down memory lane and revel in some of their best past memories. Meanwhile, John and Marlena also try to have some cozy time by indulging in a picnic. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers say that John fails to enjoy the do as he struggle with the intrusive “pawn” thoughts. Will he share his concerns with Marlena?

Days of Our Lives spoilers -steve-kayla-john-marlena
DOOL/ Steve – Kayla and John -Marlena try to spend quality time with each other

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that as Valentine’s Day kicks off, Theresa starts to get impatient about the ring she discovered previously. She may start pushing Alex to pop the question to her. But will he do it/ Or will Theresa’s impatience scare him away? Across town, Kristen also tries to make some progress with getting close to Brady. But her attempts blow up in her face when he ends up having an argument with her right in front of Rachel.

Also, watch out for some moments between Everett Lynch and Stephanie, and Wendy and Tripp as the season of love takes over them. Unfortunately, Sloan won’t get her cozy time with Eric, because of Leo’s disruptions. Will this end up pushing Sloan into yet another spiral? Stay tuned to Tech Radar 247 for more Days of Our Lives spoilers on this.


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