My Happy Ending Episode 13

My Happy Ending Episode 13: Jae-Won Hits Back, Tells “You’re No FUN!”

Since Heo Sun-Yeong’s death, Jae-Won’s life has taken a dark turn. She got arrested, admitted to the psychiatric ward, and lost her position in her own company. But despite facing such a setback, she hasn’t yet lost hope. My Happy Ending Episode 13 hints that Jae-Won will return with full force to destroy her enemies. However, her plan to take down Yoon Jin and her father won’t be simple, as it will bring more trouble for her. Now, seeing how she will deal with such a grim fate will be interesting. Keep reading!

My Happy Ending Episode 13: Jae-Won Gets The Footage! 

Jae-Won isn’t the one who can hold back her grudges, and after facing such a defeat, she decides to map a dangerous plan to trap Kwon Young-Ik. On the other hand, the latter has also planned to take down Jae-Won. So, he orders a man to kidnap Jae-Won, unbeknownst that she is wearing a hidden camera to record his dark side. The preview clip of My Happy Ending Episode 13 shows that Jae-Won will be able to lure Young-Ik.

She will easily capture his nefarious plans and map a way to expose him and his daughter. While she deals with the situation, Te-Oh manages to save her. However, My Happy Ending Episode 13 teases that she will find herself in a more complicated situation. This is because the investigation team won’t waste time grilling her.

My Happy Ending Episode 13

They believe she is the one behind the recent hit-and-run case. While the investigation team takes a wild turn, Jae-Won holds the press conference where she exposes Young-Ik. It quickly makes things more chaotic for the father-daughter duo. However, as the preview clip unfolds, it suggests Jae-Won will soon be betrayed by someone closer to her.

A Quick Recap!

After witnessing the intense drama in the past episodes, My Happy Ending Episode 12 saw Yoon Te-Oh take Jae-Won home after hitting Sang-Beom. Te-Oh was concerned for her safety as they spotted an intruder outside her place. Despite that, she wanted to stay at home, but her mental state started creating problems for her as she began seeing her Psychiatrist, Jo Su-Gyeong, as a part of her hallucination. While her mental health took a toll, Jae-Won wasted no time to threaten Yoon-Jin.

She also told her she would take down Yoon-Jin and her father, Young-Ik, for their sins. As the episode unfolded, it brought a mysterious character- Nam Tae-Joo- to the picture. As soon as Tae-Joo arrived in town, he went straight to meet Jae-Won’s father to remind him about his past sins. It later appeared that Jae-Won’s father was behind her mother’s death. On the other hand, Oh Soo-Jin, a new detective, was assigned to investigate the matter.

My Happy Ending Episode 13

He immediately summoned Jae-Won and questioned her regarding Sun-Yeong’s murder case. While the interrogation session took the new detective nowhere, his meeting with Tae-Joo revealed that something bigger would come. Would it be related to Jae-Won’s missing memory and baffling backstory?

My Happy Ending Episode 13: Release Date

The forthcoming episode will indeed reveal more secrets that are kept hidden from Jae-Won. But can she handle the truth? You will learn it on My Happy Ending Episode 13, which will air on February 10, 2024, at 9:10 pm KST. The all-new episodes air every Saturday and Sunday night on TV Chosun in South Korea. Meanwhile, the international audience can stream it on Viki or Viu. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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