May 30, 2024
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The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 4: Matthew Faces Another Threat! Who Is He?

Escape Of The Seven Episode 4

The master of deceit, Matthew Lee, is back in town to get what he lost in the previous season of The Escape Of The Seven. However, he isn’t the only one. The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 4 hints that someone from the past will return to get his life back. Who will be that person? While the previous episode has already teased his return, the fourth episode preview suggests that the CEO of SAVE will play a significant role in helping this person take his revenge. Let’s see how this will happen!


The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 4: Do-Hyuk Creates Problems For Matthew! What’s Next?

Just after Min Do-Hyuk made his comeback in the second episode, Matthew Lee, aka K, has been struggling to accept the situation. Well, Matthew was the one who framed Do-Hyuk in the previous season, and now that his return has helped save Matthew from cops, the former is selling the lies that Do-Hyuk isn’t the real Shim Joon-Seok

. In fact, the real Shim Joon-Seok is alive and plotting his return. While everyone, even the police chief, buys his lies, Matthew struggles to accept Do-Hyuk, who returns with revenge in his eyes.

The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 4 preview clip also suggests that Do-Hyuk makes a preposition to Matthew, which makes things challenging for the latter. Do-Hyuk asks Matthew to throw a grand welcome party for him and announces his position in Matthew’s company. While Do-Hyuk decides to bring Matthew down, the latter struggles to back on his words, as all eyes are on him now.

So, Matthew performs a public stunt in which he and Do-Hyuk pretend to be allies in front of the media, hugging and making hearts with their hands. The gesture quickly raises eyebrows, considering Matthew and Do-Hyuk’s past.

Return Of The Seven Associates

While Do-Hyuk’s return creates panic among Matthew and his minions, they are unaware that the seven associates are also planning their return. However, The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 4 suggests they won’t appear shortly. Matthew will currently deal with a new nemesis, no other than Hwan Chan-Sung, the CEO of SAVE. Matthew knows Chan-Sung owns the greater part of the shares, and his business can only help Matthew get the upper hand in the business.

But meeting Chan-Sung won’t be easy. However, Do-Hyuk can be a great help as he can make this difficult task easy. But the question arises: Will Do-Hyuk help Matthew? On the other hand, a mysterious Medusa roams the city, posing a threat to Matthew and his minions. While her identity remains under wraps, it seems like Ra-Hee has something to do with her. Is Medusa working for Ra-Hee?

The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 4: Release Date

No doubt, viewers are in for more drama after the K-drama dropped its latest teaser. But can Matthew strike back with full force when a web of threat is weaving around him? You will learn that in The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 4, which will air on April 6, 2024, at 10 pm KST. South Korean audiences can enjoy the show on SBS, while the international audience can catch it on Viu and Viki. Stay tuned. TechRadar247

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