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Hide Episode 7: Moon Young Vs. Yeon Joo! Will She Win?

Na Moon Young has been facing deception since she learned about her husband, Sung Jae’s, crime history. While she supported her husband, Hide Episode 7 suggests that things will change now. Moon Young has already seen the dark side of Sung Jae and is also aware of his extramarital affair. So, it doesn’t seem like she will support him any longer. In fact, things will change for the better. So, let’s see what Moon Young will do now.

Hide Episode 7: Moon Young Learns The Truth, Sues Sung Jae!

Previously, in Hide Episode 6, we saw Moon Young learn about Sung Jae’s crime history. After watching the video claiming her husband and her mother-in-law were behind Tae Su’s murder, she decided to confront him as well as her family. Moon Young even succeeded in sending Sung Jae behind bars. However, Yeon Joo saved him. After learning about Sung Jae’s bail, Moon Young chased him to find out who had submitted an alibi.

But the truth shook her as she witnessed Sung Jae kiss Yeon Joo. While this piece of information hit her hard, the Hide Episode 7 preview clip suggests that someone else will also learn about Yeon Joo and Sung Jae’s relationship. The person will be none other than Jin Woo. After an interrogation, he will learn about Sung Jae’s private affair. Soon after learning this news, he will rush to inform Moon Young, who is currently dealing with her emotional state.

She rushes to her home to protect her family as she doesn’t want her kid to know about Sung Jae. But that’s not all. While she tries to calm her down, she receives Jin Woo’s call, who’s waiting for her. As soon as he sees Moon Young, he drops the news that Sung Jae is cheating on her. But he is surprised to learn that Moon Young has already seen him kissing Yeon Joo, which shocks him.

While Jin Woo comforts her in such a situation, Hide Episode 7 hints that Moon Young will decide to expose Sung Jae. She will soon submit the evidence clip to the police as well as the media where Sung Jae is killing Tae Su. As things get out of hand, Moon Young publicly appears and files a case against her husband. However, all the situations make things problematic for Moon Young’s kid as her classmates decide to avoid her.

Yeon Joo’s Revenge Plan

Another Hide Episode 7 preview clip suggests that Yeon Joo is planning her revenge plan. She meets with an older man and forces him to sign a document; when the person refuses, she injects something into his body. However, Moon Young has witnessed this all. She now has the evidence to prove that Yeon Joo is supporting Sung Jae, and things aren’t on a better level.

Hide Episode 7
Yeon Joo faces legal problems

Later, the clip shows that Moon Young and Jin Woo also meet an influential person to put Yeon Joo behind bars. But can they succeed? Meanwhile, Sung Jae is surprised to see his wife in the courtroom. He tries to manipulate her, but things are different now, and it doesn’t seem like she will listen to him this time. But will Moon Young win the case? Only time will tell.

Hide Episode 7: Release Date

Now that Moon Young knows about Sung Jae’s dark secrets, it will be interesting to see how she makes things miserable for him. Catch it on Hide Episode 7 on April 13, 2024, at 10 pm KST. The South Korean audience can watch it on JTBC, while the global audience can stream it on Viki. Stay tuned. TechRadar247

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