June 15, 2024
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A Condition Called Love Episode 3: Hinase Gets Back To Saki ROMANTICALLY!

A Condition Called Love Episode 3

After Hinase Hotaru reveals she hasn’t yet developed feelings for Saki Hananoi, their equation has changed a lot. However, A Condition Called Love Episode 3 hints that Hinase will soon find herself drawing closer to Saki, which will ultimately change everything. Will she finally fall in love? Or will Hinase focus on the good side of being with Saki, forcing him to stay with her irrespective of her feelings? Now that things are getting intense between the two, let’s see whether they will return to each other or end their relationship for good.


A Condition Called Love Episode 3: Hinase Learns Her Feelings For Saki

Previously, Hinase agreed to be in a relationship with Saki until Christmas. While the duo spent the majority of time together and even enjoyed being around each other, Hinase confessed that she hadn’t developed feelings for Saki. It not only upset Saki, but he also decided to walk away instead of giving Hinase more time to find out about her true feelings. Despite that, A Condition Called Love Episode 3 hints that Saki is still madly in love with Hinase, and he is even waiting for her to fall for him.

If the anime stays faithful to its source material, the third episode will open up on New Year’s Eve. Everyone will gather at the temple to take blessings, and Saki will spot Hinase and her group. He will be surprised to see Hinase at first as he has seen her after Christmas; while trying to spend more time with her, Hinase’s friend will make things difficult for them. They will also take Hinase with them, leaving Saki alone.

A Condition Called Love Episode 3
Hinase is amazed after seeing Saki

As Saki tries to deal with the heartbreak and loneliness, Hinase will seek advice from her friends about his situation. Hibiki then points out that she has noticed Saki hasn’t spoken to anyone except Hinase, leaving her to wonder if Saki is still in love with her. After realizing this, Hinase heads to see Saki, who warns one of her male friends to stop giving her weird advice. Just then, Hinase finds Saki, and the two spend time together.

He even asks Hinase to spend her time with him only, and he walks her to the back of the temple. There, Saki leans on her as he wants to recharge a bit and asks her to stay like that. While they stick together, Hinase starts wondering why her heart thumps when she is around Saki. This ultimately helps her realize her true feelings for Saki.

Hinase Starts Seeing Saki Again

New Year’s Eve finally brings Hinase and Saki back together. A Condition Called Love Episode 3 suggests that Hinase will try for a part-time job in a bookstore. While she behaves like she needs a part-time as she is a grown-up now, the monologue suggests that Hinase is doing this for Saki, as he spends most of his time there. Interestingly, she will get a part-time job there, bringing the two closer.

A Condition Called Love Episode 3
Saki walks Hinase home

This allows them to spend as much time as possible and brings them closer. Surprisingly, Hinase’s family soon spots her with Saki and asks him to join them for dinner. No doubt, this will bring them even closer. A Condition Called Love Episode 3 hints that Saki will get an opportunity to see Hinase’s older pictures, and it will also help Hinase understand her feelings for Saki.

A Condition Called Love Episode 3: Release Date

As per the speculation, Saki and Hinase will soon get back together. But can they stay like this forever? Only time will tell. Catch A Condition Called Love Episode 3 on April 18, 2024, at 11:56 pm JST. Anime lovers from Japan can watch it on TBS, while global viewers can stream it on Crunchyroll and Netflix. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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