December 3, 2023
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Prison Break Season 6: Dominic Purcell Teased Upcoming Season And Explained The Rumors

Prison Break Season 6

Prison Break star Dominic Purcell teased that Prison Break Season 6 has officially renewed. Since it last aired in 2017, everyone was curious to know what happens in Micheal Scofield’s (Wentworth Miller) life. After successfully escaping from prison, he reunited with his family. But, for how long this happiness could last is uncertain. Further, after spending so many years in imprisonment, how the siblings deal with the outer world would be interesting to watch. Apart from the sixth season confirmation, Dominic discussed some major storylines that would address in the next season.


Prison Break, created by Paul Scheuring, is a crime-drama series on Fox. The show follows Micheal Scofield in a mission to save his brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell). Lincoln, who had been accused of Vice President’s brother’s murder case. In which Lincoln was sentenced to death. However, Micheal, a structural engineer, had prepared a plan to enter the Fox River State Penitentiary, where Lincoln was captivated. So, Micheal does an armed robbery in order to get quick access to the prison. However, after then, the brothers face multiple challenges and struggles to survive.

Prison Break Season 6: Renewed For The Next Season?

Recently, Dominic Purcell has confirmed that Prison Break Season 6 is on its horizon. However, it’s not the first time when Dominic teased such news. Since the fifth season wrapped up airing on Fox, the actor shared on social media that the sixth season is on work. Soon the network had confirmed in 2019 that the sixth season is underway. However, since then, no such news popped up about its sixth season.

Further, during the lockdown, Dominic assured his fans that they are working on the sixth season. In late 2009 the fourth season wrapped up on a bitter note. But, it takes eight years to explain the cliffhanger ending that amazed the fans in the fourth season’s finale. So, we can expect that the same thing would happen in the sixth season.

Prison Break Season 6: How Things Will Change In Their Life?

In the last season, Michael finally reunited with his wife and son after struggling so many years in prison. However, the entire world presumed that he’s dead. All thanks to his master-mind and witty game-planning, he survived after a murder and safely escaped from prison. Now, he’s finally free and can live his life with his terms. But how long?

Michael Still Living A Nightmare

Although he got free from prison, it still haunts him in the dream. Further, in an interview, Wentworth explained that he would face a hard time dealing with the outer world. Also, he would struggle with insomnia, anxiety, and more. Now restarting his life wouldn’t seem easy for him.

It Will Follow A Time Jump

Recently, Purcell teased that the next season would follow a time jump. According to his Instagram post, he would be old in the sixth season. However, he teased that he’s currently 50-years-old. That makes sense that he would play his current age in the sixth season. But, a lot would change after the fifth season finale.

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