Fear The Walking Dead Season 7

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7: Renewed! What’s Next For The Series? All Details

All the Walking Dead World fans, this is good news for you. AMC has renewed Fear The Walking Dead Season 7. Fear The Walking Dead flagship is currently on a mid-season break from the sixth season. They had to wrap up one episode before planned due to the ongoing COVID-19.

Fear The Walking Dead is a long-running AMC spin-off of the immensely popular apocalyptic zombie drama The Walking Dead. The spin-off was first released in 2015 and has been appreciated worldwide ever since. The sixth season particularly has been praised a lot by everyone. What’s coming up next for Fear The Walking Dead? Keep reading to find out.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Renewed!

The Walking Dead spin-off series, Fear The Walking Dead will continue for one more season after the sixth season. Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 has been renewed. The official Twitter account of the series posted this update. Sharing a brief teaser with some conspicuous diegetic number sevens, the creators hinted towards the bright future of the show. They captioned the teasers with “The past is dead… but the future is bright.” Enjoy the trailer below- 

What Will Happen Next?

The first part of the sixth season recently concluded, with the release date for the second part yet to be decided. So, it is too early to predict what would come up in Fear The Walking Dead Season 7. The second part of the sixth season will affect the storyline for season 7.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7

As of now, the series is following two groups of survivors who are working with and against Virginia in equal measure. Lennie James’ Morgan is back once again in his kill-or-be-killed mode. He has put all of his resources into uniting his friends to form a strong front against Virginia.

The first seven episodes of the sixth season see the main characters such as Alicia, John Dories, June, and Strand remaining alive. Whether they stay alive or not will be seen next. The sixth season of the show featured many time jumps. We can expect to see some more time jumps in Fear The Walking Dead Season 7.

When Will The Show Release?

The return date for the second part of the sixth season has not yet been scheduled, so we cannot say when Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 would release. Speaking about the production for the second half of the sixth season, the executive producer for the show Scott M. Gimple says that it is heartbreaking how they haven’t been able to carry the show through 608. It is an astounding episode.

He continued to say that it is such a big episode in the history of the series. That episode will be an amazing start. The series is now into production. They have been in production for several weeks, if not months. Gimple revealed that they are cranking away Fear The Walking dead. They have the rest of the sixth season to finish, and then they will start working on Fear The Walking Dead Season 7.

While we do not know the exact release date for the upcoming episode of Fear The Walking Dead franchise, it is good to know that we will get more episodes. Fear is the last standing of the series’ shows. The Walking Dead is supposed to end after the eleventh season. The other spin-off series- World Beyond, is also coming to an end with two seasons.

With such a huge fan base, it looks like the creators will continue to invest in Fear The Walking Dead even after the seventh season. We will keep you updated about all the new information about the show as we get it. So, you keep an eye on this space. Let’s hope that the sixth season part II releases in 2021, so we can get Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 sometime in 2022.


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