May 20, 2024
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Sherlock Season 5: Stars Spilled Details On Possibility! Will It Ever Happen?

Sherlock Season 5

It’s almost been three years, and fans are beyond curious to learn the future of Sherlock Holmes. The big question here is, will Sherlock Season 5 return? Well, it’s the first thing that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fans have been asking. But recently, the show’s actor Martin Freeman broke the silence and hinted at the possibility of the fifth season to return. Without wasting any time, let’s head straight to see what Sherlock Season 5 holds for us.


Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock follows Sherlock Holmes, the consulting detective solving numerous mysteries in present-day London. Dr. John Watson, who has just returned from Afghanistan’s military service, assists Holmes in his cases. Though at first, Metropolitan Police Service DI Greg Lestrade and others doubted Holmes’ ability. But soon, they were left amazed with his intellect and bold powers of observations.

Sherlock Season 5: Will It Ever Return?

Well, fans have been speculating whether the fourth season was the end of Sherlock’s legacy. However, the co-creator Stephan Moffat revealed in an interview that the fifth season would indeed happen. Moffat said though they haven’t had any plans for the fifth season yet, they are enthusiastic about continuing Holmes’s journey in the fifth season.

The series hasn’t picked up for the fifth season, yet considering the creator’s words, we can soon expect the network to announce the great news. Even Moffat said the “time for a longer gap” depends on them. So when they feel right, they would return with the next run.

Martin Freeman Teased They Would Return Soon

Recently in an interview, Martin, who plays Dr. Watson, spilled the beans on the highly-anticipated thriller series. Martin said that though they left everything on the verge yet, it doesn’t count as a full stop. However, Martin isn’t sure whether it’s the end of the series or not. He seems hopeful to return with the fifth run. However, the actor highlighted that currently, he’s busy working on other projects.

So, it’s pretty unclear when they could return to map the fifth outing. But he would indeed return when the time comes. Speaking on which, Martin said that Sherlock is the best-directed show that he has ever done. He enjoys doing it, and perhaps he would soon return. But it’s pretty uncertain to say anything at the moment, especially when everyone waited for four long years. So he has no clue when they would return.

It Might Return As A Movie

Meanwhile, Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Sherlock, lately discussed the possibility of the fifth season. Speaking with Collider, Benedict said he’s “the worst person to ask” as he “never says never” to the show. But at this moment, “I don’t know,” as he’s pretty busy working on the other projects. So he’s currently full at the moment. But the other vital players might know when to expect the fifth season, said Benedict.

He added he hadn’t received the script yet, so one day when the script’s right, then indeed they would return. He clarified that “I say ‘the script,’ maybe it could be a film” instead of the series. But, Benedict previously told Associated Press that his team would soon return with Sherlock Season 5. Though the stars have been giving several hints from time to time still it’s unclear whether Sherlock Season 5 would return.

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