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This Is Us Season 6: Production Updates! What Will Happen With Kate And Toby?

After the emotional season finale of the fifth season, the fans are getting curious to know when they will see the premiere of This Is Us Season 6. The forthcoming installment will be the final one and will conclude the entire storyline of the series. As a result, fans can expect it to come up with more drama, emotions, and several shocking twists and turns. The creator of the series is also quite active on social media and teasing the fans by providing minor details on the upcoming season.

There is already a solid hype around the last season of the drama series created by Dan Fogelman. The Emmy nominated series already received a lot of compliments throughout its run of five years, but the best is yet to come. It will likely leave everyone in shock with its last season. So when will it premiere? Here are all the latest details. 

This Is Us Season 6: Production Status

The filming for the final installment of this show is yet to commence as the writers are still working on its script. A few weeks back, Dan Fogelman posted a tweet revealing he completed writing the premiere episode of the sixth season. He also has some chat with the fans regarding its title, and the showrunner told them to find it out by themselves and gave them a hint. The pre-production began earlier this month. So it seems like the filming of This Is Us 6 won’t kick off by the end of September.

If everything goes well, they might announce a wrap on the final season by the end of this year. At present, the creators’ entire focus is on giving this show a satisfying ending. 

What Will Happen Next? 

In the fifth season finale, the fans saw the breakup of Madison and Kevin right before their wedding. Meanwhile, Rebecca learned she doesn’t have much time left after Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Hence she asked Kevin to build a house that his father promised. Also, a flashforward shocked everyone by revealing that Kate marries Phillip.

Now This Is Us season 6 will likely begin with revealing the reason behind the separation of Kate and Toby. The viewers will also get to see the final days of Rebecca. Also, the new season might finally reveal the identity of the mysterious person who shared the hotel room with Kevin. According to Dan, the final installment will be more ambitious than all the previous ones. He intends to end the show on a quiet note because, at the end of the day, it is the story of a regular family.

This Is Us Season 6: Release Date

Recently, Dan Fogelman teased on Twitter that he is targetting to release the final season of the drama series earlier next year. Their plan is to wrap the production by the end of this year so that they can release This Is Us Season 6 in the first quarter of 2022. NBC is yet to announce its official premiere date, but they will likely reveal it very soon. 

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