May 30, 2024
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Bingeworthy TV Show To Make Your Halloween Spooktacular!

Halloween TV Shows

When the spooky season of Halloween arrives, there isn’t a better way to get into the spirit than to curl up beneath the blankets on the couch and stream something scary. 


Halloween is around the corner, and we can’t wait to turn on the spooky mode. A good horror movie might give us some bone-chilling scares. But ninety minutes of fear and spookiness is just not enough for some horror fans. Since the devil’s number is 6, so we have brought a list of six TV shows for you to binge-watch this Holloween and give yourself a scary and blood-curdling treat of horror.

Bates Motel 


1960’s ‘Psycho’ by Alfred Hitchcock is one of the greatest films ever made. The movie is a cult classic and has inspired a new genre of horror after it. Likewise, Bates Motel serves as a prequel spin-off to the film. The show explores the early years of one of the cinemas first and most famous serial killers Norman Bates.

Bates Motel dwells deep into the life of Norman Bates, exploring why he does what he does. In addition, the show scrutinizes Bates’ Psychology in teenage and his deeply intricate relationship with his mother Norma, played by Vera Farmiga. Also, the show has been a critical and commercial success. So, it should be in your plans for this year’s Halloween.

The Haunting Of Hill House 


Mike Flanagan is one of the most influential horror filmmakers of our generation. And The Haunting Of The Hill House is one of the main reasons behind his reputation. The series is based on Shirley Jackson’s eponymous novel from 1959. Steven Crain, a past occupant of the Hill House, wrote a book with the same title. The narrative swings between two timelines and follows five siblings whose lives are still tainted by the strange events that occurred at Hill House, their old home.

Meanwhile, one of the best and most scary aspects of The Haunting of Hill House is the lack of a concrete explanation for how the evil inside this house came to be and how long has it been there?

“It had stood for 80 years and might stand for 80 more.”

50 States Of Fright


As Halloween is coming closer and horror lovers hunt for new movies and TV shows to scare them in the coming weeks, Quibi’s 50 States Of Fright may be the answer. Sam Raimi has produced the series, the man behind Tobey Maguire’s Spider trilogy. ’50 States Of Fright’ is an anthology series that features urban tales and folklore from every state in the United States, and it’s a much more significant gain for the streaming service aiming to attract binge-watchers.

Meanwhile, 50 States Of Fright delves deep into tales based on urban legends throughout the country, immersing viewers in the horrors that lurk under the surface. Its anthology scary storytelling method gives the show a lot more natural feel than a pieced-together film. In 50 States Of Fright, the author skillfully tells short stories that maintain the mood of a scary campfire.

Lovecraft Country


HBO’s horror fiction series ‘Lovecraft Country‘ is based on a novel of the same name by Matt Ruff. The series revolves around Atticus Freeman and his lover Letitia Lewis and Atticus’ uncle George Freeman, as the trio commence a journey together to find Atticus’ lost father. A popular name after hits like Get out and Us, Jordon Peele is also associated with the series as a producer.

Directed by Misha Green, Lovecraft Country is a one-of-a-kind tale that combines horror and drama elements, while maturely dealing with the issue of deep-rooted racism in American history. Moreover, the series tries to recreate Lovecraftian art with mysterious monsters and dark magic. So, this horror-fantasy drama should make the cut for your binge-worthy shows this Halloween.

Penny Dreadful


Starring Eva Green and Josh Harnet, Penny Dreadful by Showtime and Sky, is one of the most critically acclaimed horror series in recent times. The story is set in 19th century England and will give you the vibes of medieval times. 

The series features a number of horror icons like Bram Stocker’s Dracula, Victor Frankistine, Dr.Jekyl, demons, werewolves, vampires, and whatnot. Created in 2014 by John Logan, Penny Dreadful presents the touch of gothic fiction. Subsequently, the show often blurs the fine line between Good and Evil, with several characters in the show sagging between temptation and redemption.  



The Cult-classic horror anthology films by George Romero and Stephen King have been rebooted into a TV series of the same name. AMC’s streaming counterpart Shudder attempted to recreate the scare of the first film with ‘Creepshow.’ It’s a delight for both nostalgia buffs and fans of frightening stories.

Creep, the silent crypt keeper who gave us the chills as a kid, is back. With the help of King’s stories, the show returned to its origins of horror. Although the one improvement show has over its predecessor movie franchise is the significant upgrade in graphics and CGI in this era. The show has a total of 15 episodes divided into three seasons, and it can make your Halloween a perfect spooky ride.

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