April 22, 2024
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Wentworth Season 10: Renewed Or Canceled? Can Fans Bring Back The Show? Everything You Need To Know

Wentworth Season 10

While fans yearning to see their favorite characters back on screen, the fate of Wentworth Season 10 remains in jeopardy. Howbeit the series has been helming the network for years as plenty of viewers tuned to Foxtel to stream Wentworth and their crazy scuffle. It seems the end of their journey focuses on Wentworth Season 9 finale.


From Bea Smith to Judy, we have seen every character’s back story and their desire to either break free from the prison or build their own empire. In contrast, the last season received well-recognition. Still, we have disappointing news for Wentworth fans. Scroll down to know more!

Wentworth Season 10: Is It Renewed Yet?

Unfortunately, Wentworth Season 10 isn’t on the network’s cards. Back in September 2020, Foxtel ordered 20 episodes for its eighth and final season. That later split into two parts- season 8 and 9, which will drop its final episode tonight. Well, the series has been praised by fans all around the world. Season 8 received 107 thousand viewership during its debut, while the finale received 65 thousand viewership. Well, the drop in ratings isn’t responsible for the series cancelation.

The announcement of season 8 will be the final season made months before the eighth season even dropped. However, the executive director of Foxtel, Brian Walsh, said on TV Tonight in 2019 that they are proud to confirm that the prison drama series returns with 20 episodes. However, it will mark the end of this fantastic unwavering Australian story. Thus there’s no chance that the show could return for the tenth season. However, if they change their mind, then anything could happen.

Can Wentworth Ever Return For Season 10?

Well, back in 2018, the series fans signed a petition to save their favorite prison drama show after the rumors surfaced that season 7 would mark the end of this journey. Shortly, the viewers turned to Change.org to endure a campaign to save Wentworth. To our surprise, the series got support from worldwide, resulting in Foxtel renewing Wentworth for seasons 8 and 9

. Hence if the same thing happened again, then chances are high that Wentworth could return for season 10.

What Will Happen If It Returns?

Well, the finale is yet to air tonight. Thus, it’s pretty early to guess how things will unfold. But the finale titled “Legacy” will focus on the explosion inside the prison. So now the survivors have to decide what they really want to do in their life. While everyone is trying to make their best attempt to survive, Lou seems firm on her plan. As when Judy asks her to stop, she ignores her and endures her explosion plan.

Nevertheless, if the show ever returns, it could focus on the aftermath of the explosion and how these characters live their lives after spending years in prison.

When Will Wentworth Season 9 Premiere On Netflix?

Wentworth has aired its final season on Foxtel, which will conclude airing tonight. However, while Netflix users waited to watch the captivating drama, Australian viewers have already binged the show. But don’t worry! Wentworth has returned to stream its final season on Netflix.

All the ten episodes of Wentworth Season 9 (or season 8 part 2) will drop altogether tomorrow on October 27, 2021. The series will premiere in the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, South Korea tomorrow. However, viewers of Canada can expect the show to return a bit later, which is yet to disclose.

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