April 25, 2024
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Succession Season 4: Who Will End Up on Top? The Siblings Or The Father? Premiere Date And More Updates

Succession Season 4 Episode 9

While the third season of the satirical black-comedy drama is still airing, fans are trying to know about the future of Succession. However, HBO Max has already announced Succession Season 4 in October 2021. Hence, the fans must be thrilled to discover that the Roy family will continue to depict the power struggle between the siblings and their father. Meanwhile, their media business suffers due to their internal conflicts.


In the current season, the investors, stakeholders, and influential employees around Logan and Kendall are worried about the company. It looks like the cat and mouse game between the father and the son will continue to pan out in the fourth installment.

Succession Season 4: Production Status

We can expect the show’s development to be underway, as it got renewal some time back. However, the third season will finish airing in December 2021. Thus, the creators could start producing the first season by the beginning of 2022. Although, with multiple shooting locations, the filming will take a while to conclude.

So, we can expect the filming to wrap up by the end of the first half of 2022. However, the network is yet to announce the filming of Succession Season 4 officially.

Image: HBO

Succession Season 4: What To Expect?

It’s still pretty early to predict the plotline for the fourth installment. Season 3 is currently airing weekly on HBO Max. Recently, the sixth episode aired on November 21, and the next one is slated for November 28. In the previous episode, Kendall submitted the documents about the cruises scandal to the FBI. He wanted to take on the Waystar, but the evidence was not enough. He then got frustrated and fired his attorney Lisa. 

Meanwhile, Logan and the rest of the siblings traveled to Richmond, Virginia, for the future Freedom Summit. The event was a fundraiser for potential presidential candidates. While everyone was busy talking to the candidates, Kendall approached Tom

and tried to turn him on his side.

However, Tom revealed that he was not too confident about Kendall’s ability to win against his father. Moreover, Congressman Rick Solgado coerced Shiv by telling her that he would make her Waystar’s CEO. Also, Roman took Menken’s side. Eventually, the Roys decided to support Menken, a controversial figure with preference with a liking for fascism. And despite Shiv’s protest, logan chose to support him for the campaign.

Image: HBO

Now, in the upcoming episode, Shiv and Roman will attend Kendall’s lavish birthday party. However, he will try to convince Shiv and Roman to leave their father and join his side in the upcoming episode. Moreover, the duo will try to arrange a meeting with a tech tycoon who is ignoring Logan. Thus, how it pans out in Succession Season 4 will all depend on the third season’s conclusion.

Who Will Return For Next Season?

The lead cast members who will feature in Succession Season 4 are Brian Cox as Logan Roy, Kieran Culkin as Roman, Jeremy Strong

as Kendall, Sarah Snook as Shiv, Alan Ruck as Connor, Natalie gold as Rava, and Matthew Macfayden as Tom Wambsgan. In addition, Peter Friedman as Frank Vernon, Arian Moayed as Stewy Hosseini might also return. Some other renowned members will also join the cast. And a few new faces might also come up in the next installment.

Image: HBO

Succession Season 4: When Will It Premiere?

HBO announced the fourth season in October 2021. So, fans can expect the filming to commence by early 2022. Thus, if everything goes by schedule, they can expect Succession Season 4 to premiere by the end of 2022. So, keep returning for more informative details about your favorite TV shows.

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