March 1, 2024
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Shetland Season 7: What Is The Future Of DA Jimmy Perez? Will There Be Another Season?

Shetland Season 7

After more than two years since the premiere of its fifth season, Shetland returned for a sixth season last month. However, the cliffhanger ending in the sixth season’s finale has left the fans in the desperate hope of Shetland Season 7. So let us dig in about the future of Shetland.


BBC One’s British crime drama series Shetland is based on Ann Cleeves’ acclaimed novel series. The show first premiered on the network in 2013 and turned out to be a hit. The show revolves around Jimmy Perez, a crime detective. Jimmy and his team investigate several crimes in Scotland’s Shetland Isles. What follows is a series of adventures, twists, turns, and revelations.

All this has the potential to irrevocably alter the face of the island community. The series is a wonderful blend of crime, thriller, and mystery set on a small island where things aren’t always what they appear to be.

David Kane creates the show for BBC One. Shetland is among the most loved British crime dramas. And has managed to maintain its loyal fanbase over the course of six seasons. The show has received critical acclaim for its intriguing storyline and has won several awards, including BAFTA. And since the sixth season concluded its run, we’re exploring the possibility of Shetland Season 7. So what are the chances?

Will There Be Shetland Season 7? 

We have some Good news for Shetland fans. The home network for the series, BBC One, announced the sixth and the seventh season of the crime drama altogether back in 2019. The network originally planned to release seasons 6 and 7 in 2020 and 2021, respectively. However, both of the seasons got delayed because of… you know already! The pandemic. 

The sixth season of Shetland aired in November 2021. And as far as Shetland Season 7 is concerned, according to reports, the season’s production has already started, and the filming is underway. If everything goes swiftly, the production will supposedly wrap up around April 2021.

So, considering the time required for post-production and marketing, we can expect BBC to premiere Shetland Season 7 in late 2022. However, this is just us speculating. Although nothing can be said conclusively about the season’s release until the showrunners announce the official release date. 

Shetland Season 7: What’s Next For Jimmy?

Throughout Shetland Season 6, Jimmy was torn apart by various challenges, including his father’s dementia, his attempt to solve the Galbraith murder. Meanwhile, convicted killer Donna Killick also returned to Shetland.

Jimmy was not in good space, having to cope with the death of his mother. At her funeral, he received word that local hot-shot lawyer Alex Galbraith had been killed cold-bloodedly outside his home. Meanwhile, the season six finale left viewers shocked, with Detective Jimmy Perez and his friend Duncan Hunter being accused of the murder of Donna Killick. 

In Shetland Season 6 finale, fans learned that DI Jimmy Perez‘s devoted, whip-smart second-in-command, Tosh, is expecting her first child. She was dealing with doubts about becoming a mother in the near future earlier in the season. She was also facing a dilemma between her career and becoming a mother.

Then Tosh bought a pregnancy test kit after noticing that her sense of smell had become heightened. Her surprised face slowly broke into a grin as she checked the results, which confirmed her pregnancy. Now in Shetland Season 7, fans will see the aftermaths of the season 6 finale. And in that, Jimmy will have to prove his innocence in the next season.

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