The Sinner Season 4
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The Sinner Season 5: What Are The Possibilities? Showrunner Derek Simonds Discusses Plot

USA Network’s The Sinner just premiered the finale of the fourth season. The series is one of the most famous USA network shows. After the airing of the fourth season, which is supposedly the last season of the show fans are now wondering is there any chance for the return of The Sinner Season 5.

The Sinner is psychological crime thriller series that first premiered in 2017 USA Network. The series follows detective Harry Ambrose as he investigates various heinous crimes. It profoundly explores criminal psychology, trying to understand why a perpetrator did what he did.

The show is loosely based on Petra Hammesfahr‘s eponymous novel. Meanwhile, Derek Simonds served as the creator of this crime thriller. Upon its release in 2017, The Sinner garnered critical acclaim and scored high ratings on IMDb and other platforms. Fans over its four-season run have loved the Sinner’s tense drama, intriguing storylines, and thrilling tone. 

Will There Be The Sinner Season 5?

The Sinner Season 5
USA Network

The Sinner Season 4 aired its final episode on USA Network on December 1, 2021. USA Network’s crime thriller anthology series has impressed fans since the first season in 2017. Now, fans are rooting for The Sinner Season 5.

Unfortunately, we have to be the bearer of the bad news in this case. USA Network has announced that they are wrapping up The Sinner after season 4. And there will not be The Sinner Season 5. So at least, this is the final world till now. The announcement was made before the season 4 finale’s premiere. Thus, the finale of season 4 is also the series finale for the show.

Possibilties For The Sinner Season 5?

The Sinner Season 5
USA Network

One of the main reasons behind The Sinner’s cancelation ahead of season 5 is the drop in the viewership, especially for the past two seasons. The Sinner Season 3 has an average viewership of 651,000 compared to 1.8 million for the first season. The network realized viewers’ declining interest in the series and reacted cancelation of The Sinner Season 5. 

The Sinner has been one of the last scripted fictional shows running on USA Network. After that, the channel has gradually shifted its focus in the direction of reality shows. Thus, many fans are wondering that the reason behind The Sinner’s cancelation is a result of the Cable, as the channel’s changed programming policy. 

The Sinner Season 5
USA Network

Showrunner Derek Simonds revealed that the fourth season’s ending is not rushed. And he planned to wrap Detective Harry Ambrose’s story arc in four installments. Fans saw Detective Harry Ambrose retire from investigating crimes in the fourth season. Simonds also stated, “If the show were renewed, and it kept going, we’ve talked about continuing Harry Ambrose, we’ve also talked about refreshing the show completely with a new lead detective that could create another multi season journey in the show.”

Meanwhile, the fourth season of The Sinner seems like the end of the road for the crime drama series. However, TV shows finding a new home on streaming platforms after their cancelation is not a new thing these days. Thus, there is no harm in taking the show’s cancelation news with a pinch of optimism. 

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