April 24, 2024
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Letterkenny Season 10: Hulu Released Trailer! Hicks’ On All-New Adventures, Releasing Soon

Letterkenny Season 10

Hey, Folks, are you ready for your next visit to the town Letterkenny! Well, if you are not, you have very little time left before the beloved Canadian series returns with more hilarious adventures in Letterkenny season 10.


Hulu’s Letterkenny is a Canadian sitcom drama series initially released on youtube in 2016. The series revolves around the lives of quirky residents of the titular town. Among them are Wayne and Katy, two siblings who run a farm. In addition, there are three groups, The hicks, The skids, and the hockey players. And along the course of nine seasons, the show chronicles the events and mishappenings of the people of Letterkenny.

Letterkenny Season 10

The show progresses as various peculiar situations arise in the lives of townfolks. Not just the series received critical acclaim, it has created a massive loyal fanbase. And they are now excited for Letterkenny Season 10, which is releasing later this month. 

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Letterkenny Season 10: Trailer Out!

Hulu has just dropped the trailer for the much anticipated tenth season of the comedy series Letterkenny. The trailers encourage the fans to “spread the word” and “ditch your family”. It also gives us glimpses of what awaits the characters in the next season. In addition, the trailer revealed the return of beloved faces like Diercks. 

The trailer starts with Katy’s description of Daryl’s second cousin’s house as “the biggest hick house” she has ever seen. After that, characters like Tannis, Wayne’s ex-fiance Marie-Fred, the Skids, and the hockey players come out. In the clip, fans can also see Hicks’ on all new adventures, including being in a Mennonite sausage party alongside Noah Dyck and prostate examinations.

Meanwhile, the Hicks have a violent conflict with the hockey players, as they compete for fame over the internet. The goth junkies known as Skids are also around the town in the next season. 

Letterkenny Season 10

The official synopsis of the trailer is also here. It says that the citizens of Letterkenny belong to one of three groups: the Hicks, the Skids, and the Hockey Players, who are always fighting with each other over evidently unimportant matters. That often ends with someone getting their ass kicked.

Further, it continues, “In season 10, McMurray and Wayne do some dickering, the Hicks attend a sausage party, the Hockey Players and Skids have a video game battle, the men of Letterkenny receive head-to-toe physical and that’s just for starters, buddy.”

When Will The Next Season Release?

Letterkenny Season 10

The ninth season of the series dropped on Hulu in December last year. Meanwhile, in September 2020, executive producer Mark Montefiore revealed that the series is renewed for Letterkenny Season 10. He also confirmed that the production for the tenth and eleventh seasons will begin together. 

Although, after suffering some delay due to the global epidemic, the production for the season was finally completed in September 2021. Finally, in November, Hulu announced the released date for the upcoming season. The tenth season will premiere on Hulu Sunday, December 26, 2021. So, the upcoming season can prove to be a perfect relaxing binge after the Christmas celebration. And fans are excited about it. 

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