April 25, 2024
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The Last Cowboy Season 3: Did Paramount Renew The Reality Show? What Are The Possibilities?

The Last Cowboy Season 3

Cowboys have always been an integral part of American culture and the wild west. And that is why The Last Cowboy is one of the most anticipated shows of the west. The second season of the reality TV series The Last Cowboy was released in November 2021. But this was never going to be enough for the fans. These fans are now turning their heads in hopes of a third season. Thus here is everything we know about The Last Cowboy Season 3. 


Paramount’s The Last Cowboy is a reality documentary series that debuted on the Paramount Network on December 28, 2016. The drama series is created by Oscar-nominated Taylor Sheridan, who is well known for his ranch-drama, Yellowstone. The Last Cowboy revolves around real cowboys and cowgirls. In the series, viewers see them getting ready and training to take part in Las Vegas’s esteemed The Run for a Million event.

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The show has received a massive response on Paramount, second only to Yellowstone. In addition, it has become the most viewed nonfictional series on the network since the year 2015. So naturally, there is a lot of buzz around for The Last Cowboy Season 3. But is it coming? Let’s find out.

Will There Be The Last Cowboy Season 3?

The Last Cowboy Season 3

The second season of the reality series, which premiered on Paramount on November 12, finished its run on December 17, 2021. But as far as the third season is concerned, there has been no announcement from the Paramount network or the creators of the series up until this point. However, the fate of The Last Cowboy goes hand in hand with Yellowstone. Thus, we are hopeful that there will be a third season for the sports-based reality series rooted in the American west.

Who Can Return For The Last Cowboy Season 3?

The Last Cowboy observes a few exciting individuals spirited for the sport of horse reigning. Abby Lengel, Cade McCutcheon, Andrea Fappani, Craig Schmersal, and Casey Deary are the cowboys that appeared in the second season. Matt Mills, Jason Vanlandingham, and Tom McCutcheon, all three of them, have also been a part of the series cast.

The Last Cowboy Season 3,

Although some of the cast members have been on board since the inception of the reality series, a few others joined the cast in the sophomore run. Thus, if the show gets greenlit by the Paramount network for The Last Cowboy Season 3, then fans will not be surprised to see a few new faces joining the cast for the third season. Meanwhile, they should not be worried as Dan Nachtrab will likely continue as the narrator for the third run of the series.

What Can The Next Season Be About?

The Last Cowboy follows devoted and intense riders and trainers. The cowboys are determined to make a name for themselves in the field. But, at the same time, some are contending to uphold their generations-old traditions.

The shows feature their expedition as they gear up to contest in The Run for a Million in Las Vegas. The self-explanatory name hints that contenders contest for the huge prize money of 1 million dollars. In fact, it is still the largest prize money in any sports tournament.

The Last Cowboy Season 3

Taylor Sheridan, the creator of the reality docuseries The Last Cowboy, also acts as the announcer at the qualifier stages of the great running contest. The series is a wholesome pack of action, thrill, and adventure from start to finish. Thus, when and if the show returns for The Last Cowboy Season 3, viewers can expect the same level of intense excitement from every bit of the third season.

They will see the show’s cast and other participants get ready for the 2022 installment of The Run For A Million in the gambling town of Vegas. So, stay tuned with us for more updates about your favorite Tv shows.

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