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How I Met Your Father: What Fans Are Expecting From HIMYM Spinoff Series! Will The Original Cast Return?

Fans of the How I Met Your Mother have been waiting for over seven years for a spinoff series. And we are in the time when their prays have finally answered. Hulu’s spinoff to the original series titled How I Met Your Father is currently on its run and is already done with the first three episodes. So, here are a few things to discuss in the show.

Hulu’s How I met Your Father is an American Sitcom drama series. The show follows Sophie as she tells her son the story about how she met his dad. The story is set in present-day New York. The show will feature Sophie and her group of friends as they navigate through relationships, love, career, and a lot more.

How I Met Your Father Release Date?

How I Met Your Father

Fans’ wait for How I Met Your Father is about to come to an end. The sitcom series starring Hillary Duff as Sophie has premiered on January 18, 2022, and has released the first three episodes already. Fans eager to watch the show should know that they can stream the episodes on streaming service Hulu.

Is Barney Stinson The ‘Father’?

There has been a lot of hype and anticipation about the HIMYM spinoff How I met Your Father even before its release. Not just that, there are several speculations and fan theories going around about the show. However, one of the most thrilling theories out there is the one that directly links both the comedy shows.

The theory suggests that the titular father in the upcoming show is none other than infamous womanizer Barney Stinson from the original show. At the end of the show, viewers saw Barney eventually having a daughter with an unknown woman. The baby girl was named Ellie. 

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Although fans know that in How I Met Your Father, Sophie is telling the story to her son. So it is not the same baby they saw at the end of HIMYM. However, anyone who knows Barney knows how many hookups and one nightstand he has had. Thus, there is a significant chance that Sophie is one of the girls that Barney has been with, and he is the titular ‘Father’ in How I met Your Father.

Multiple Timelines?

HIMYM Timeline Explained: When Each Season & Future Event Takes Place

One of the main highlights of the original How I Met Your Mother was the show’s ability to incorporate more than one timeline brilliantly. There were two primary timelines in the series. One is where Mother is dead, and Ted is telling the story to his kids, and another one is flashback timelines when events of the story are occurring. 

In addition, the show also featured flashbacks from the teenage life and college days of the main characters. Who can forget when Robin was a teen pop star in Canada, known as Robin Sparkles. Meanwhile, there are also peeks from the time the gang is old. HIMYM’s clever play with multiple timelines made the show stand out. And viewers are expecting the spinoff series How I Met Your Father to keep up with the trend.

Running Gags!

How I Met Your Father

The main aspect of any sitcom is the hilarious running gangs throughout its run. Every episode has its own storyline and a fair share of humor. And these running gags help maintain a sense of continuity in the series. They also give the fans something to borrow in their own lives, too (like we still keep saluting at Major problems)

From Slap bets to ‘Bro code’ to the legendry Playbook, and the doppelgangers, there have been but many running gags in How I Met Your Mother. Thus, another thing that fans expect from How I Met Your Father is similar running gags to make the show a little more exciting and keep continuity.

Will We See Original Cast From HIMYM?

;How I Met Your Father

Before the release of How I Met Your Father, showrunners have clarified that the show will follow a different group of friends and will not be directly connected. However, this does not mean that fans can not expect the original cast members from HIMYM to make appearances in the show, maybe in the form of cameos. 

There are several possible scenarios where the old characters can appear like viewers can see Robin reporting news on TV. Or maybe Sophie and her friends may have a court appearance in front of Marshall, or they might run into Barney, who is probably still out there searching for gullible bimbos. Meanwhile, there might be a chance of secondary characters like Wendy the waitress, Sandy Rivers, or the original gang’s children may appear.

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