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Servant Season 3: Theories That Will Change The Way You See The Show!

M. Night Shyamalan is one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood when it comes to the horror genre. And his ongoing show, Servant Season 3 is giving fans some spine-chilling and tensed moments. That’s exactly what viewers are expecting from Servant Season 3. As the third season is currently in its run, here are some of the favorite fan theories about Servant Season 3 that can feature. 

The Turner House is The Purgatory?

Viewers have been tirelessly waiting for the Servant Season 3. However, while they wait for the season to continue, fans couldn’t stop themselves from exploring some wild theories about the series. Almost all the drama and thrills in the show have been happening in the Turners’ large Philadelphia brownstone. The glimpses that we catch of the outside world are through Televisions, phones, etc. And this fact has got us thinking.

Servant Season 3

A popular fan theory going around Reddit these days states that the show’s characters Dorothy and Sean are actually dead. They both do not exist in the world of the living, and all the events happening in the show are not real. Instead, Sean and Dorothy are forced to relive the tormenting events in the afterlife realm of Purgatory.

The concept of Purgatory was seen in prominent Italian poet Dante’s Devine Comedy. Purgatory is a place in the afterlife between hell and heaven. There, sinners are forced to relive their fears again and again. Just like what was shown in the series Supernatural as a sort of tormented afterlife.

Servant Season 3: Are Cult Members Angels?

The cult members have been chasing Leanne and Turners in the series. However, some fans on Reddit have pointed out a fan theory that changes everything. According to the theory, the members of the secretive cult are not humans but angels born in human skin. The theory certainly clarifies why the cult believes that they are here to guide people in need. And they have to be in specific places. In addition, there have been hints that some of the cult members possess some supernatural powers.

However, the theory falls short in explaining why some members like Aunt Josephine are vicious, violent, and murderous. Some fans answered the question with the argument that to save Leanne from eternal damnation. Therefore, she has to be killed in a specific way. How much weight this theory hold, we shall find out in the upcoming episodes of Servant Season 3.

Is Aunt Josephine Leanne’s Real Mother?

Servant Season 2 introduced us to a far more fearful character than Uncle George; she was Aunt Josephine. She came to the Turners’ home to “purify” Leanne as she went rogue after choosing to work for Sean and Dorothy. Leanne was ready, and she seemingly killed Aunt Josephine.

Servant Season 3
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As we know, there were some burn marks on the face of Josephine. This has caused some fans to speculate that Josephine is actually Leanne’s mother who survived the fire in the house. Though she was killed in the second season we might see her Servant Season 3 in some flashback.

Dorothy Isn’t A Reporter Anymore!

Fans are exploring various possibilities as Servant Season 3 is currently ongoing. One of the possibilities is that Sean and Julian will try to keep up the act that baby Jericho is still alive. They might go as far as to fake that Dorothy is continuing to work. Even though the reality is that Dorothy is not working as a reporter anymore.

Servant Season 3

A Reddit user pointed out that Dorothy is not a reporter anymore if she ever was. The segments we see of her shown on Turner’s TV are drag pieces that might just be old recoding. There is a chance that in reality, Dorothy is in therapy. And her mental condition is so fragile that she can’t distinguish between reality and her imagination. Maybe she continues to think that she is working.

On the other hand, Sean is just playing along to keep her from harming herself. We don’t know how many of these theories will play out in Servant Season 3 if any. But It sure as hell interesting to speculate various possibilities while the third season is going on.

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