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Savage Rhythm Season 2: Did Netflix Already Renew The Show? Antonia’s Life Will Be On Line!

Just yesterday, Netflix dropped another show, Savage Rhythm. It brought a fresh breeze for the fans. And they are already clamoring for Savage Rhythm Season 2. Well, there’s no denying that the show took everyone into a different world where everyone enjoyed the dance-off. But, what let us on our feet was the heart-touching story. So, will Netflix return with Savage Rhythm Season 2? Well, everyone is currently wondering about this question only. So, let’s take a look closer at when the series will return on the streaming platform.

The Colombia-based dance drama Savage Rhythm explores the story of two groups led by Karina and Antonia. The two comes from an extreme end of the world. Antonia belongs to an elite family where dancing is seen as taboo. Her mother doesn’t want her to continue with dance as a profession. Meanwhile, Karina comes from a modest background. She even belongs to a popular dance crew. However, somehow their fate brings them together, and they together deal with everything that happens in their life.

Savage Rhythm Season 2: Is it Renewed Yet?

Unfortunately, not yet! As of now, Netflix has yet to announce the future of Savage Rhythm Season 2. Well, Netflix typically takes a couple of months to decide the future of the show. The giant streaming platform utilizes this time to evaluate the viewership the show garnered. Further, Netflix former Vice President Cindy Holland once stated in a press release that renewal is based on viewership vs. cost analysis. So we can expect the same will happen with Savage Rhythm.

As of now, Netflix hasn’t revealed the viewership of Savage Rhythm’s first season. Well, the first season landed on the streaming platform yesterday (March 2, 2022). Thus it’s quite early to guess what will happen next. Further, the series gained mixed responses. While many find it thrilling, there are some that don’t find the show thrilling at all. It further gained an adequate rating of 5.2/10 on IMDb. But the show ended with a cliffhanger. So considering this, fans can expect the show to return with Savage Rhythm Season 2.

Savage Rhythm Season 2: Who Could Return?

Well, the prominent cast member of the first season will indeed return for the second season. It includes Paulina Dávila as Antonia, Greeicy Rendón as Karina, and David Palacio as Checho. Besides them, Martina La Peligrosa as Bombita, Sashua López as La Chama, and Angela Cano as Ximena will also return. Juan Manuel Guilero as Mateo, Kevin Bury as Alex, Sergio Herrera as Vicente, and Cristina Warner as Miranda will also return.

Other returning cast include Alejandro Buitrago as Curro, Elisa Torriente as Majo, and Andrés Juan Hernandez as Jacobo. Apart from them, Patricia Tamayo as Rebeca could also return. Although as of now, there’s no official word about who could return. But fans can also expect some new faces to join the show. Further, indeed the entire group will return for the next dance-off.

Savage Rhythm Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

In the first season, both Karina and Antonia find each other’s life quite attractive, which lead them to each other. However, misunderstanding made matters worse, leading to the planting of the seed of rivalry. It grew up at the end of the season when Antonia accepted Miranda’s offer and left Karina on her own. Feeling betrayed, Karina and her crew decided to sabotage Royal’s group in the competition.

Later, Karina, Bombita, Chama, and Ximena appeared, ready to film Guaynaa’s music video. Though they managed to film, in the closing moment, an explosion took place that left Antonia collapsed in the pool filled with blood. So if Savage Rhythm Season 2 returns, then it eventually will explore what happened to Antonia. Is she alright? Apart from this, it will ultimately reveal who was behind this explosion. As of now, her life is on line. So, there would be more traumas in Savage Rhythm Season 2.

Savage Rhythm Season 2: When Will It Return?

As of now, Netflix hasn’t decided the fate of the show. So, it’s quite early to speculate when it will return. Further, the series would take five to six months to wrap up filming. That might start as soon as Netflix renews the show. So we can expect that filming might begin in summer, and Savage Rhythm Season 2 could air sometime in early 2023.

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