April 25, 2024
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Who Is Tom Cruise Dating? Know About Megastar’s Past Relationships & Best Works

Tom Cruise

If asked about the most famous Hollywood star, most of us, without even thinking, would just answer Tom Cruise. Such is the stature of the megastar. Tom Cruise debuted with a small role in 1981, Endless Love. And since then, he is still delivering hits with insane action sequences even at the age of 59 years. Much like his film career, Cruise’s dating life has also been illustrious. But who is Tom Cruise dating currently? If you are also pondering this question, read more to find out!


Who Is Tom Cruise Dating?

Speculating about celebrities’ personal life and romances is probably the favorite thing of netizens. And Tom Cruise is no exception. Even at 59 years of age, Cruise is still Hollywood’s hottest property. And many people are all-time curious about who is Tom Cruise dating in recent times. So, the answer to the question is not so simple.

Tom Cruise dating

The last confirmed relationship of Tom Cruise was with his Mission Impossible co-star Hayley Atwell. According to reports, the romance between the two blossomed while shooting for the seventh film in Mission Impossible franchise. After that, Tom Cruise was spotted with a 39-year-old actress on multiple occasions. And they seemed pretty much inseparable from each other.

However, unfortunately, the love affair between the two could not really go the distance, as they announced separation in September 2021. It is clear what was the reason behind Cruise and Atwell calling quits. But we assume they might have wanted different things in life. Although, after breaking up with Hayley Atwell, Tom Cruise as has been pretty much single, as per our knowledge. The actor is currently gearing for the release of his upcoming film Top Gun: Maverick.

Tom Cruise: Net Worth!

Tom Cruise Net Worth

It is no surprise that with a career spanning over three decades and giving blockbuster films one after another, Hollywood’s Golden Boy Tom Cruise has earned a massive fortune for himself. In fact, Tom is among the wealthiest movies stars in the world. Talking about Tom Cruise’s net worth, according to reports, the actor owns a massive fortune of over 650 million as of April 2022. 

With such enormous net worth, Tom is the fourth richest actor on the planet. The biggest source behind the star’s whopping wealth is his extraordinary career as a Hollywood superstar. On the other hand, Tom has also bagged multi-million dollars deals while modeling for several magazines.

Tom Cruise First Look In Top Gun Maverick!

Tom Cruise faces Goose's grown-up son in Top Gun: Maverick trailer | EW.com

Tom Cruise is reprising his role as Pete Mitchell for the long-awaited sequel, 36 years after he first played the character. The sequel to Top Gun, Maverick, takes place 30 years after the original film. The titular test pilot will be tasked with training a cadre of brilliant Top Gun grads for a unique assignment.

Recently, new photographs of Cruise and Teller from Top Gun: Maverick have surfaced on the internet. In a photo, Maverick looks ecstatic in full aviator gear. As he works on a fighter jet, he becomes more subdued. Teller’s Rooster may be seen attending a formal Naval meeting outside the cockpit. The various delays forced Paramount to put the promotional campaign on hold, though it’s been picking back up again in recent days. 

Which Is Tom Cruise’s Best Movie?

Tom Cruise is among the most prominent Hollywood stars. With a career spanning over three decades, Tom has appeared in about sixty films in various genres and has given us some really awe-inspiring flicks. However, when it comes to Tom Cruise’s best film, we can not look any further than 2018’s Mission Impossible: Fallout.

Tom Cruise

In Fallout, everything just worked. the entire process functioning with the precision and elegance of a Swiss watch. Despite the fact that Rogue Nation set the bar extremely high, the action set-pieces in this film are even more impressive. There isn’t a single wasted scene in the picture, and it retains its wit and energy even after five films and all these years. Cruise is in top form, giving Ethan Hunt a touch of anxious humanity and warmth in his banter with his now-firmly established squad.

It isn’t just that Mission: Impossible Fallout is Tom Cruise’s best film. It encapsulates all he stands for, and it’s why people still love him despite all the turbulence. Fallout is arguably among the best action films of all time.

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