April 22, 2024
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Westworld Season 3 Finale Recap And Unanswered Questions! What’s Next For Dolores?

Westworld Season 3 Finale Recap

Fans are about to return to Johnathon Nolan’s captivating Westworld, with the show’s fourth season just around the corner. But, it has been over two years since the third season premiered. Now seems like a good time to refresh our memories about what happened in the previous seasons. So, here’s Westworld Season 3 Finale Recap.


Westworld Season 3 Finale Recap!

With so many other players remaining in the game, Dolores’ path to revolution wasn’t as simple as she’d planned. The “Crisis Theory” season finale opens with the revelation that Caleb also stole Dolores’ pearl. Caleb is then told to go to a prearranged hidden location where a stand-in Dolores is waiting for him. Maeve is currently receiving one more bite of the Dolores after Serac restored her. Serac and Maeve attempted to intercept Caleb and Dolores as they attempted to transfer their backup plan to Rehoboam from Incite HQ. 

Westworld Season 3 Recap

Elsewhere, MIB battles his way back into the world at another location. He wants to go back to Delos to fix all that has been wrong. To find the missing data key at the end of the episode, Serac linked Dolores up directly to Rehoboam, who then slowly wiped out all of her memories. When Serac is unsuccessful, Maeve tries her luck and mentally communicates with Dolores. When they ultimately agree, Maeve is persuaded that Dolores’ motivations aren’t as evil as she first believed. 

In addition, Maeve discovers that Dolores’ head is not at all where Serac believes the key to be, nor is it the entrance to her daughter. The third season’s conclusion heralds the start of a “new world,” unencumbered by Rehoboam’s restrictions. Before Westworld season 4, these post-credits leave us with food for thought. First, what are Charlotte’s plans? Second, how does this host version of the Man in Black connect to the season 2 conclusion of Westworld?

What Did Bernard Find In The Sublime?

Westworld' Season 3 recap

In the last season, Bernard uses the tool Dolores gave him to travel to the Sublime, leaving unfortunate Stubbs to drown in a bathtub. He is shown in the post-credits sequence, seated in the exact same spot on the bed. The only tiny difference is that he and the space are now both heavily dusted, indicating that it has been some months since his voyage. Upon his return, Bernard’s face is enigmatic. Whatever he learned there, though, undoubtedly profoundly altered him, and this information will be useful in the upcom ing seasons.

Is William Really Dead?

Westworld Season 3 recap

This introduction by William to death looks to be the last one he will make. His own violent doppelgänger ruthlessly killed William, The Man In Black, after one of his lofty monologues about being a hero and “saving the world.” He is currently employed by or with Charlotte-Dolores. Given the influence, his character did appear in more than three seasons of the program. Additionally, we have already seen this in the forthcoming season’s promo. Therefore, William, or at least a version of him, will appear in Westworld Season 4.

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