Doctor Stranger Season 2

Doctor Stranger Season 2: Will Lee Jong-suk Return In The Second Season? Find Out Here

SBS’s Doctor Stanger is a South Korean television drama series that debuted on the network in May 2014. The drama series starring Lee Jong-suk, Jin Se-Yeon, Park Hae-jin, and Kang So-Ra revolved around the lives of your doctors working in the prestigious Myeongwoo University Hospital. The first season received critical acclaim as well as fans’ love. Therefore, some fans are still waiting for Doctor Stranger Season 2.

What To Expect From Season 2?

The first season of the South Korean series revolved around four primary characters, Park Hoon, Song Jae Hee, Oh Soo Hyun, and Han Jae Joon. All of these four people are doctors practicing in a hospital. Meanwhile, Park Hoon comes from North Korea. When he was a child, Park’s father and he was abducted and taken to North Korea.

Doctor Stranger Season 2

Park’s father, who was a brilliant doctor himself, trained his son to be an excellent doctor like him. After a life-changing accident, Park Hoon escaped to South Korea. And much like his dad Park began working as a heart surgeon in the topmost, Myeongwoo University Hospital. In the hospital, he fell in love with another doctor working there named Song Jae Hee, whom he knew from before, and swore to reunite with her. Meanwhile, there is cutthroat competition among doctors in the Myeongwoo hospital. Dr. Oh Soo Hyun and Han Jae Joon are among the other medical staff working in the same hospital.

Upon its return, Doctor Stranger Season 2 will bring news storylines and plot points for the fans. The second season may deeply explore the love angle between Doctor Park Hoon and Doctor Song Jae Hee. On the other hand, there is also a chance that the second season may reboot the story with new characters, as the ending of season one was somewhat conclusive. What news storylines does Doctor Stranger Season 2 has in store for us? Only time will tell.

Is Doctor Stranger Season 2 Coming?

Doctor Stranger Season 2

The first season of the drama series Doctor Stranger was released on the SBS network on May 5, 2014, with the season finale premiering on July 8, 2014. Meanwhile, talking about the prospect of Doctor Stranger Season 2, even after almost eight years, there has not been any official announcement yet regarding the renewal of the series for another season. 

After the show debuted on Netflix, many hoped this might pave the way for the much-awaited Doctor Stranger Season 2. However, this never happened. As we know, it is not uncommon for Korean shows to end after just one season. The chances of Doctor Stranger returning for a second season are very slim. Therefore fans must brace themselves. 

Doctor Stranger Season 2 Cast!

Doctor Stranger Season 2

The cast of the K-drama series features Lee Jong-suk in the lead role of Park Hoon, Park Hae-Joon as Cha Jin-soo, and Chun Ho-jin as Prime Minister Jang Seok-Joo. The series also cast Jon Gook-hwan plays Oh Joon-Gyu, Choi Jung-woo appears as Moon Hyung-Wook, Nam Myung-ryul in the role of Choi Byeong-Cheol, and Yoon Bo-ra as Lee Chang-Yi. 

Furthermore, the cast also includes Kim Sang-ho as Yang Jeong-Han, Hwang Dong-Joo essaying Geum Bong-Hyun, Kang Tae-hwan playing Oh Sang-jin, Lee Jae Won appears as Kim Chi-Gyu, and Kim Bo-mi plays Kim Ah-young. If the series is recommissioned for Doctor Stranger Season 2, most of the primary cast is likely to return in their roles. 

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