March 5, 2024
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Sneaky Pete Season 4: New Home On Another Network? Release Date Out?

Sneaky Pete Season 4

Ever since the third season of Sneaky Pete dropped on Amazon Prime Video, it has been a long and uneventful road for the fans waiting for Sneaky Pete Season 4. Per the official sources, the show has been wrapped up. But there might be some ray of hope for the optimistic fans. Keep reading to find out what it is!


American crime drama series Sneaky Pete debuted on Amazon Prime Video in 2015. Bryan Cranston, well-known for his work on Breaking Bad and for playing Vince, is the series creator. The program centers on a felon named Marius who, to elude a mobster after him, adopts the persona of his cellmate Pete.

Will There Be Sneaky Pete Season 4?

Amazon Prime Video released the third season of Sneaky Pete in May 2019. Since then, the fans have been waiting for a positive update about the critically acclaimed series since then. However, what came was just the opposite. Shortly after the conclusion of the third season, Amazon Prime officially confirmed that it was the last season of the series and Sneaky Pete had been wrapped up. It was both disappointing and shocking for the show’s fans, as the series had been pretty well before Amazon apparently decided to pull the plug on it. 

Sneaky Pete Season 4
Amazon Prime

However, in the few months, there have been some rumors Sneaky Pete Season 4 may actually happen. As per the rumors, some streaming networks other than Prime Video might be interested in continuing the series. However, we need to remind you that these are all just rumors at this point, and nothing has yet been confirmed. But you were for a small glimmer of hope; you have it now. 

Sneaky Pete Season 4: Who Will Be In The Cast?

The cast of Amazon Prime Video’s crime drama sere features Giovanni Ribisi playing Marius Josipović or Pete Murphy. In addition, the show stars Marin Ireland as Julia Bowman, Shane McRae playing Taylor Bowman, and Libe Barer in the role of Carly Bowman. Moreover, there is Peter Gerety as Otto Bernhardt, Margo Martindale portrays Audrey Bernhardt, and Bryan Cranston stars as Vince Lonigan, 

Sneaky Pete Season 4

In addition, there is also Patrick Adams In the role of Stefano Kilbane, and Efrat Dor appears as Lizzie. Other than the few abovementioned names, there are a few other cast members in the series as well. If the series is recommissioned for Sneaky Pete Season 4, we can expect the return of the majority of the cast members. Also, who knows, some new faces might also pop up in the fourth season at the same time. 

What Happened To The Real Pete?

The real Pete reappears in Sneaky Pete season three, collaborating with Julia to plan the painting con. From there, he assists Marius with his other fraud, buying pricey phony wine, and then he continues partying and passes out in a bathtub. Following that, Marius advises him to continue since he might not be qualified for this. He disappears for the rest of the episode.

Sneaky Pete Season 4
Amazon Prime

But Pete is also a con artist. Even if he vanishes, we are aware that he will probably reappear at some point in the future. Because Marius continues to act in his place, Pete cannot have a meaningful relationship with his family. After all, they had been through. There was no way he would have allowed that to pass.

Is That Really The End Of The Story With Lila?

Julia, Taylor, and Carly’s parents‘ narrative took up a large portion of season three. After some inquiry, Carly learned that her mother could have survived the vehicle accident that claimed her father’s life. Then, Lila’s trail leads her to California, where she is said to have spent some time living with her grandpa before robbing a boyfriend of money and running away.

Amazon Prime

They learned that their sister Maggie, who they thought was their mother, was the real deal in season three. Maggie had been hiding in California, passing herself off as her deceased sister. But does that mean the narrative is over? A lot of anticipation appeared to have been built up for a lackluster revelation. Maggie, or was it Lila all along, might still be alive.

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