June 17, 2024
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Young Justice Season 5: HBO MAX Renewed Or Canceled The Show? Here’s What Happened

Young Justice Season 5

‘Hope survives because the battle is not over.’ It entirely defines how popularly Young Justice has defined its legacy. The superhero drama has barely disappointed the fans. Every time, it has left the viewers awestruck. Moreover, the strong support of the fans maintained the show’s pace. Bagged by DC, Young Justice is known for its complex characters and edge-of-the-seat action sequences. Nevertheless, the action drama has spawned four seasons so far. Since the series has been loved so far, Young Justice Season 5 was highly expected. Following the finale episode, the audience was sure that the makers would drop season 5 soon.


Created by Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman, Young Justice initially aired on Cartoon Network. Following the second installment, DC Universe signed as the broadcast partner. Lastly, HBO Max provided access to season 4 to the fans. The first season was released in 2010, followed by a sequel in 2012. The latest chapter ended on June 9, 2022. Young Justice centers upon a group of teenagers. They possess superheroic qualities and are struggling to prove their powers. The young superheroes also fight their rivals and stop conspiracies in the city. On the other hand, teenagers are also dealing with their personal lives.

Will There Be Young Justice Season 5?

Young Justice Season 5
Young Justice, HBO MAX

Young Justice performed spectacularly on Cartoon Network. The performance somehow showed a low graph after two seasons. However, a gap of seven years between the penultimate and the second season was pretty long. Fans apparently thought of its cancellation. Clarifying the situation, Weisman showed up with an official cancellation in 2016. Funding for the show was reduced as the toy deal with Mettel shrunk. With no funds in their hands, it was not possible to develop more chapters. To revive the show, fans were continuously pleading for more seasons. In addition, Greg commented that the possibility of season 3 is real. He said that the trend must compel Warner Bros. for the same.

Surprisingly, the expected announcement was made in November 2016. Thus, Young Justice returned to the screens in 2019. Then after, the superhero series was picked up for season 4. It was titled Young Justice: Phantoms. Post its release, there were no statements announcing further restoration. But, despite such a situation, fans were largely speculating about season 5. However, HBO Max didn’t spill the beans on the series’ future. But, this time, fate seems to be very unfortunate to them.

Young Justice Season 5

Warner Bros. Discovery was riding vigorously to cancel several HBO Max shows. The studio left the fans in tears after it announced an unexpected cancellation of ‘Batgirl.’ It was already in development, and $90 million were spent. Moreover, Young Justice was untouched in the first wave. But, sadly, the second wave hit the series hard. It shelved season 5, and fans were shocked to hear it. Viewers were surely expecting an update but not in this way. Neither HBO Max nor Warner Bros. TV has commented on anything. But Young Justice Season 5 could have a chance from their end.

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Why Is Young Justice Season 5 Canceled?

Since 2013, it was for the second time that the series faced a tragic condition. Firstly it was due to improper funding. And this time, a justified reason is not before the fans. Young Justice was performing absolutely fine until Warner Bros. TV picked it. However, season 3 was successful enough to initiate the fourth installment. Further, in August 2017, it was reported that HBO Max promised Young Justice: Phantoms only. Hence, it apparently hinted toward the cancellation. Throwing light on the same, Warner Bros. Discovery officially shelved the project.

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What Would Have Happened In The Next Installment?

Young Justice Season 5
Young Justice, HBO MAX

Based loosely on Todd Dezago, Peter David, and Todd Nauck’s comic series, Young Justice is helmed to be an original story. Moreover, season 4 was set a year after the third season took place. It largely focused on a war being avoided by the young superheroes. In contrast, the Martian king’s assassination kicked off a racial issue in the reign. Tigress was trying to cope with her problems. Her sister, Cheshire, was keeping an eye on the moves of the other characters. Further, the Child arrived before Zatanna. He eagerly wanted to replace Klarion. Kaldur’ahm marked his return to Atlantis after a future prediction related to Ocean Master. In addition, the young superheroes need to stop a rival troop led by General Zod and his son. Surprisingly, Supergirl turned out to be the main antagonist.

Season 5 might have opened new challenges for the superheroes. In addition, the story could have witnessed a significant leap. Threatening wars and battlefields were a must in the expected forthcoming season. Moreover, various other conspiracies might have been solved.

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Young Justice Season 5: Release Date

If the cancellation had not landed, HBO Max could renew the show in 2022. The previous release trends suggested season 5 to release sometime in 2023. It could have been extended to 2024 if it consisted of two parts. Moreover, some of the reports suggested that initial plans were already finalized. It clearly states that the studio gave the green light to the scripts already. Hence, if everything had gone as speculated, 2023 or 2024 could have been labeled as another year for ‘Young Justice.’

Young Justice Season 5
Young Justice, HBO MAX

However, if a miracle happens as the last time, it will take almost a year to develop. Fans can come up with another petition to revive the show. It will be interesting to see whether the studio notices their request or stays adamant. Meanwhile, we will update the section as soon as any update shows up. Till then, keep reading, and stay updated on TECH RADAR 247!

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