May 30, 2024
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McGraw Ave Season 2: Production In Works? When Will The Show Release?

McGraw Ave Season 2

Crime dramas have always been on trend. Be it English or Spanish, such series are undeniably intriguing. McGraw Ave is exactly the same one wishes to watch. The series is touted to be an action thriller. It also includes serious crime scenes and investigative sequences. The first season was released in 2020 amid the global pandemic due to the coronavirus. Despite such circumstances, it was well received by the audience. Following the release of the debut installment, fans have a huge anticipation for McGraw Ave Season 2.


Created by Derek Scott For Tubi TV, McGraw Ave was praised for its eyebrow-raising twists. It is about two men, Murda and Vic, who were looking to take control over a particular place in the city. Life in the city is difficult, and no one can assure of survival. Meanwhile, the roads of the cities witness brutal incidents. The buildings are stained with blood all over it. Also, action prevails in the streets while the men try to aim for big.

Will The Show Return For McGraw Ave Season 2?

The first season aired on May 31, 2020, on Tubi TV. It didn’t spread for many episodes; instead showed up with six interesting episodes. Moreover, after the series bagged positive reviews from critics, makers thought of considering a second season. Besides this, the fanbase it created demanded another chapter of the drama. The climax on which season 1 finished left several possibilities for McGraw Ave to return. All these factors suggest that McGraw Ave Season 2 must be considered for sure.

Post the first season release, Ucult Studios made fans lose their minds as it announced the second season. Taking to social media, it officially stated McGraw Ave’s renewal on March 19, 2021. Thus, none of the reports can deny the arrival of the second season. Everything now depends upon post-production and other aspects. Therefore, there’s no denying that McGraw Ave Season 2 is happening and will show up soon.

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What Will Happen Next In McGraw Ave Season 2?

In the first season, Murda and Vic formed a vicious cycle of drug dealing. They used to export illegal drugs and earned huge profits. As the story moved forward, both began forming their dominance in the market. Gradually, with time, the men gained superiority in terms of power and fame. In addition, their aim grew bigger and bigger with time. Meanwhile, the arrival of a murder case tangled up the entire plot.

McGraw Ave Season 2
McGraw Ave, Tubi TV

Mellany’s murder case went through an investigation. The forensic reports and other pieces of evidence were checked closely. The forensic investigator warned the police officials about the criminals and asked them to carry out an in-depth investigation. On the other hand, Bolo was shocked by her sister’s killing. So, he continuously tortured Vic to hear the accused name.

McGraw Ave Season 2 has higher chances of picking up from the point the first chapter left off. The finale episode left behind a couple of possibilities that might appear in the coming time. Moreover, the creators promised more plot twists and unexpected turns.

Who Will Appear In The Next Season?

McGraw Ave Season 2
McGraw Ave, Tubi TV

As far as the second season is concerned, all the main actors will return in the second season. This means fans will once again have Thomas L. Harris, Chamar Avery, and Sino Harris. In addition, Murda Pain, Forty Da Great, and Sylena Rai could reprise their respective roles. On the other hand, a handful of new actors might join the cast too.

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McGraw Ave Season 2: Release Date

The Instagram post said that season 2 would be released in 2021. But to date, no episode of the second installment aired. As per the latest media reports, it could premiere anytime soon. As of now, a confirmed release date has not been booked by the team. However, we speculate it to drop sometime by 2023. Moreover, McGraw Ave Season 2 can move forward to 2024 as well. If any update shows up, we will update the section. Till then, keep reading at TECH RADAR 247!

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