February 29, 2024
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Days Of Our Lives: Gabi Returns For Revenge, Chooses EJ As Her New Lover

Days of Our Lives thrives on pushing its characters into messy webs of complicated relationships. We are currently witnessing Ava and Stefan’s fake romance inching dangerously close to turning into a real one. And let’s not forget that Ava has a lover- Harris, while Stefan is actually married! That’s too hot-headed, Gabi! So, if Stefan and Ava don’t push the brakes on their increasing closeness, they are soon going to be hit hard by the storm that is Gabi Hernandez.


Days of Our Lives spoilers confirm Camilla Banus’ exit, and Gabi is being recast. That means she will be back on screen sooner than later. Currently, she is living in Clyde’s terror behind bars. But once she is out, she may embrace her old fierceness and wreak havoc! Especially when she finds out about Ava and Stefan’s closeness. The two did share a rather passionate kiss recently. That, too, when they were most definitely alone. So, we can say with some certainty that their fake romance is turning into a real one rather rapidly.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Ava and Stefan share a kiss in private

Gabi Romances EJ On Days Of Our Lives

Until now, Gabi had been Stefan’s rock while trying to win the DiMera throne for himself on Days of Our Lives. But if Gabi finds the truth, she will most definitely want vengeance. And, of course, just divorcing Stefan won’t be enough. Gabi believes in consequences, and she will make Stefan pay dearly. But all schemers and pot-stirrers must have a co-conspirator! So, who will be Gabi’s accomplice in her war against Stefan? Certainly not her protector of the law, brother – Rafe! Oh, but wait! There is a brother who is perfect for said designation- EJ DiMera.

No one wants to denounce Stefan more than EJ does on Days of Our Lives. Moreover, if Nicole and Eric keep coming closer and EJ keeps walking on them, we can sense his frustration going through the roof. That will definitely have him wanting blood. And if not Eric’s, he will more than happily settle for Stefan’s. Especially after his and Ava’s involvement in the drug ring. So, we can very well see Gabi and EJ breaking ice on that common ground.

DOOL/ EJ and Gabi (previously played by Camila Banus)

Furthermore, if the two of them continue working that closely, another set of sparks might start flying. EJ may start confiding in Gabi about his problems with Nicole. And we know how the story goes from here! So what do you say? Would you be up for a recast of Gabi and EJ’s romance? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Tech Radar247 for more Days of Our Lives updates.

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