May 30, 2024
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The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 5: Mo Ne Kills Geum Ra Hee?

The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 5

Do-Hyuk’s arrival has been making things complicated for Matthew Lee. However, the preview of The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 5 hints that Matthew will seek Do-Hyuk’s help to get the upper hand in SAVE. But will Do-Hyuk help? While things are getting intense, the upcoming episode suggests that Geum Ra Hee will face some challenges when Matthew frames her for things she hasn’t done. It will soon make things dramatic for the former. So now, let’s see how Ra Hee deals with the upcoming problems.


The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 5: Mo Ne’s Next Target! Will Chun Sung Help?

The last we saw, Do Hyuk tricked Matthew Lee and decided to use him in his comeback. While he succeeded, Matthew had difficulty winning over SAVE’s CEO, Hwang Chan Sung’s trust. So, in order to win him, Matthew decided to use Han Mo Ne. However, the latter is nowhere to be found, which makes things challenging for Matthew. So, to ease things up, he decides to go rogue and uses Mo Ne’s mom to find her location. Out of frustration, he even kills Mo Ne’s mom.

While it’s Matthew who killed Mo Ne’s mom, Yoon Ji Sook, the latter believes Ra Hee is behind her mom’s murder. So, she decides to take revenge on Ra Hee. In The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 5, Mo Ne throws an engagement ceremony party with the CEO of SAVE, Chan Sung, which surprises everyone, including Ha Ree and Matthew Lee, who joined the ceremony. Despite everything, Matthew decides to keep a close eye on Chan Sung as he wants him to avoid getting access to LUCA.

In fact, his dark facial expression also suggests that he is trying to make another dark move, which might make things problematic for Chan Sung. While this raises the tension in the atmosphere, another scene suggests that someone is trying to hack LUCA. The person also informs that a mysterious MEDUSA is trying to complicate things. While this person’s identity remains a mystery, Mo Ne vows to make things chaotic for Ra Hee.

The tension between the two rises when Ra Hee praises Mo Ne and says her mother will be proud of her. Shortly after, Mo Ne’s expression changes, and she whispers that she will take down Ra Hee. This immediately makes things dramatic between the two, especially when Mo Ne grabs a vase to hit Ra Hee. But Chan Sung blocks her way. While the trio gets involved in a heated conversation, Matthew bumps into the room, making the situation even more tense.

Mo Ne’s Revenge Plan

The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 5
Geum Ra Hee watches Mo Ne

Another preview clip of The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 5 suggests Mo Ne decides to kill Ra Hee. So, she maps a plan to poison her and even spoils Ra Hee’s drink. While Mo Ne encourages Ra Hee to drink that poisonous drink, the latter seems aware of Mo Ne’s intention. Will Ra Hee dodge the situation, or will it be her last day? Only time will tell!

The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 5: Release Date

As things get dramatic, Mo Ne and Chan Sung will team up to fight against Matthew and Geum Ra Hee. But as we know, Ra Hee and Matthew are one step ahead, and Mo Ne and Chan Sung will soon find themselves in hot water. Catch it on The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 5, April 12, 2024, at 10 pm KST. The all-new episode airs every Friday and Saturday on the South Korean network SBS. Meanwhile, the global audience can enjoy it on Viki and Viu. Stay tuned. TechRadar247

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