Top Boy Season 2

Top Boy Season 2: Back In Production! Know Upcoming Plot, Casts, And Release Date

Top Boy Season 2 is back in action. There has been a delay in the filming process due to the COVID situation. But, things are thankfully back on track. The second season is going to bring more crime and adventure to the story. Let us further take a sneak peek of the upcoming scenario.

Top Boy is a crime drama series. Ronan Benett is the creator of the drama. However, we see the plot revolves around various crimes. The tension in the series is between the drug gang and the normal people. The people of the drug gang openly operate their business without any fear of legal authorities.

In contrast, normal people want to live their lives calmly, which cannot happen because of the gang. Dushane is the one who wants to become the Top Boy of all the drug dealers. At the same time, Ra’Nell is the one who is of good nature but had to change because of growing up so quickly. The story has all the true elements in it to connect you deeper with the story.

We have seen Netflix saving the show and bringing it up in its platform. Therefore, the third is presented as the first season. At the same time, the fourth one is presented as the second season on Netflix. There is humor, pun, action, tenderness, emotions, crime, and above all, social realism in the story. Let us discover the coming fate of Top Boy Season 2.

Top Boy Season 2

Top Boy Season 2: Back In Production!

The series is back in action. The filming process of Top Boy Season 2 was stopped before because of the COVID 19. But now, the cast and crew members are officially back to work. We have seen Ashley Walters and Kano announcing the shoot’s start in one of the social media posts. Ashley says, “We’re obviously shooting Top Boy…You asked it we gave it to you.”

Meanwhile, safety protocols are properly followed. We can see the cast members masked up in the video.

Top Boy Season 2: Outlines Everything

There have been so many praises of the story of the series. Top Boy always brings up the raw and real situations on the screen. Jasmine Jobson, who plays Jaq, appreciates the show by saying, “so true, so edgy.” She also spoke up about the writer’s talent being showed in the story. Jasmine describes Ronan to has a very good skill of not sweeping anything under the carpet. 

Indeed, all the social issues are brought up in front of the audience. We expect the same thing from the second installment as well.

Cast And Crew Returning

Ashley Walters will be back as Dushane Hill, Kane Robinson as Sully, Michael ward as Jamie Tovell, Simbi Ajikawo as Shelley, Jasmine Jobson as Jaq, and Lisa Dwan as Lizzie.

Top Boy Season 2: Release Date

The second season was due to start filming in Spring. But, the same couldn’t happen because of the pandemic. However, things have now been back on track. Therefore, Top Boy Season 2 will definitely take some time to come upon the screen. Let us further wait for any official announcement. Till then, stay in virtual touch with us.

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