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Riverdale Season 5: First Look Teased Kevin’s Fate, Veronica Finds About Betty And Archie

Riverdale Season 5 new trailer teased that the truth will finally come out, as everything wouldn’t revolve around Betty and Archie more. Further, the teen drama has reached the apex. Meanwhile, the showrunner teased Kevin Keller’s fate in his recent post. Well, there is so much to know about the next season. But, fans don’t have to wait a lot as it would wrap up soon in the next year.

Riverdale has been a hit teen drama on The CW. It follows high school students and the creepy story running in their town. Apart from the protagonist, Keller, played by Casey Cott, is among those who stay behind the lead one. However, his story would get full justice this time. Apart from him, the squad love angle is the biggest trauma in their life, including their family.

Riverdale Season 5: Trailer Teased What To Expect From The Next Season

As you know, Riverdale is soon going to end. So, it’s crucial to discuss everyone’s fate in the finale season. Well, the eagerly anticipated show will follow a time jump where the entire main cast would explore their college journey before they all return to their old place. But, one of their character’s fate is heavily promoted this year. Now, let’s see how Kevin’s life would change after leaving school.

A Steamy Photo Of Kevin

Recently, Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shared Cott’s steamy pictures straight from the set. In the caption, the showrunner praised Kevin and his performance in Riverdale Season 5. Further, the showrunner teased that the upcoming eighth episode would be prominent for Kevin. Hopefully, this time he won’t bump his head while dealing with others.

Kevin’s Image Has Shifted To More Kind One

Well, in the previous season, Kevin spent ample time reuniting with Betty and dealing with the issues with the school principal. However, Cott was supposed to leave an excellent impression. But, it was difficult for Kevin to unshadow his kindness and charisma. Even Kevin’s traits had actually involved him in a trickier situation, leaving him not fully savoring the portraying men.

However, this time jump might help the creative team to deal with Kevin’s storyline. As many fans had even argued that they didn’t give proper justice to Cott’s character. Perhaps the fifth season would portray something close to his character. As for Kevin, he’s now become confident with his sexuality and learned from his past mistakes. Further, there’s a chance that the creative team would explore the loose ends in depth.

Veronica Learned About Betty And Archie


The new trailer teased that teen drama is now at its peak. As you can see, Veronica is now aware of the passionate union between Archie and Betty in the last season. Well, something isn’t right between Archie and Betty, Ronnie sobs. But, it looks like Veronica has already noticed that by looking at Betty’s prom dress. Now, the trio needs to solve it before it goes worst.

Betty And Jughead Found A Clue

Another shocking news for Betty when both Betty and Jughead visit Bret in prison. Bret warned something would happen that will “hit you like a Mack truck.” Soon after that, the video turned creepier. But, the dramatic scene is beside what happened between Betty and Archie in the last season. She tried to save her relationship with Jughead as both are undressing in bed together.

Things Turned Darker

Well, there are increasing violence and many more dead bodies hanging there. It’s unclear who punched Jughead while Archie grieves at his father Fred’s grave. But, at the same time, someone brings the knife close to Jughead’s little sister Jellybean’s face. Although, the most jaw-dropping scene is when Betty points a gun but at whom?

Riverdale Season 5: Release Date

As time passes, the closer we come to Riverdale Season 5 premiere. Well, that means you don’t have to wait too much as The CW has slotted Riverdale Season 5 to air on January 20, 2021, at 8/7c. Stay tuned for more updates on the show.

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