Star Trek Picard Season 2

Star Trek Picard Season 2: Patrick Stewart Shared Production! Changes Will Be Impactful

Finally, after a long break, Star Trek Picard Season 2 is back on track to begin its filming said, Sir Patrick Stewart while hinting that production is at the earliest stage. Well, the jaw-dropping finale left the audience in teary eyes. However, Patrick Stewart and the other showrunners said there’s more to come in Picard’s life. Now it isn’t clear how things would begin after the heartbreaking departure. But, someone from the past would recur their role. Who will be? Let’s see!

Star Trek: Picard takes place twenty years after Data’s death in the 2009’s Star Trek film. The show revolves around Jean-Luc Picard’s exploration (Patrick Stewart), a former USS Enterprise commander. However, Picard left the Starfleet when the Federation decided to avoid the planet Romulus condition. Well, Picard’s close friend Data lived there, and he felt they must help them. But, unfortunately, nobody felt the same.

When Production For The Next Season Will Begin?

The first season wrapped its production in September 2019, and it took a year and more for the team to go back into production. However, the surge of COVID-19 following the lockdown in early 2020 left everyone, including Patrick Stewart, hopeless for the next season. But, finally, Patrick confirmed that the wait is over, and the entire cast would be on the set to film their scenes soon. Further, in an interview, Patrick shared his excitement to return to the set.

Production At The Earliest Stage

In an interview, Patrick shared that it was the most extended break he received in his entire life. However, now he’s excited that he has been driving to the studio for his costume fittings for the last couple of weeks. Howbeit it’s different than acting with numerous cast members in front of the camera. However, it felts well as finally, they are back on track.

He added that he has five different scripts, and he has been spending hours on them. Now, he can’t wait to shoot those scenes. It’s been a year he and his team hadn’t heard the “Standby studio” sound. Howbeit the first few days would turn out to be quite challenging for everyone to settle in their role in such a pandemic time. However, Patrick continued that he knows his cast is brilliant and will settle soon.

Star Trek Picard Season 2: How Things Will Change In The Next Season?

In the last season finale, Jean-Luc Picard died and revived in an artificial “golem” body. However, it’s thrilling to know that Picard rescued and met his old friend Data, who’s also trapped somewhere in the afterlife zone. But, it’s unclear how the android Picard is the same as the original one. Speaking about the finale, the showrunner Akiva Goldsman and Terry Matalas said that there’s a chance that this rescue plan would leave a huge impact on Picard.

Another Human Phase Would Introduce

Although Akiva and Terry believe that it’s all part of the plan to save Picard. However, Patrick thought that this would bring massive changes in their life. As there’s an option that they need to consider. Now, they are exploring another human aspect in the show. So, the chances are high that things would change afterward. The android Picard controls everything. Since the world around them isn’t calm, democratic, and patient. Thus, things would turn for the good in the second season.


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