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Doctor Who Season 13: Jodie Whittaker’s Last Season As The Thirteenth Doctor? Release Date

Doctor Who Season 13 is just around the corner, and fans just can’t wait for its premiere as it will unveil one of the biggest mysteries of the series. The previous season finale was really twisted and changed the entire history of the BBC’s drama. Not just that, Jodie Whittaker can no longer claim to be the thirteenth Doctor. So, what will happen next with her and when the new season comes out? Here are all the latest details. 

Doctor Who is a British sci-fi TV series. BBC One has been broadcasting the show since 1963. Its first run concluded in 1989. And later, the series was revived back again in 2005. Since then, the network has released twelve seasons so far. The show already got a renewal for the thirteenth one, which will come out later this year.

Doctor Who Season 13: Production Status!

The network already revealed that the thirteenth installment of the sci-fi drama would run for only six episodes. However, it will also have three special broadcasts in 2022. Also, this will be the last season of Jodie Whittaker as the thirteenth Doctor.

The cast and crew began the filming of Doctor Who Season 13 in November 2020. It was scheduled to run for a total of ten months. So, the fans can expect the makers to announce a wrap this very month. At present, it is likely that the crew is shooting the last part of the show. BBC One or anyone from the main cast will likely update the fans once they are done filming the thirteenth season of the sci-fi drama. 

What Will Happen Next? 

Before the release of the show’s thirteenth season, the fans saw a special broadcast in the form of “Revolution of the Daleks.” This episode was set right after the dramatic cliffhanger ending of the twelfth season’s finale. It featured the reunion of the Doctor with Captain Jack Harkness as they fought out of Judoon jail and saved the Earth from another Dalek invasion. 

In the ending moments of the twelfth installment, Judoon imprisoned the Doctor for some crimes that she didn’t happen to remember. She is now aware that she isn’t any time lord, and her entire history is a lie. So, she might try to find the people from her own race in Doctor Who Season 3. Also, there is a possibility that Weeping Angels and the Sontarans will return as the antagonists of the series. Chris Chibnall also revealed that something known as ‘he Swarm’ would be playing an important role in the forthcoming season. 

Doctor Who Season 13: Release Date

BBC One already announced that the next season of this legendary show would premiere this very year. However, they haven’t announced any particular release date. Doctor Who Season 13 will most likely premiere in December 2021. However, it is only a prediction, and we have to wait for an official announcement from BBC to know the exact premiere date. So, stay tuned with us for more updates.

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