May 24, 2024
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Pennyworth Season 3 Releasing On HBO Max Soon! Production Updates, Alfred In Chaos After Time Jump

Pennyworth Season 3

DC fans had always wondered what Alfred Pennyworth did before he was a loyal butler to Bruce Wayne? Well, HBO’s crime drama series ‘Pennyworth’ answers this question. And the good news for the fans is Pennyworth Season 3 is coming soon to HBO Max!


Debuted on HBO in 2019, Pennyworth is a crime and spy thriller drama series. The series created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger is based on the life of popular DC Comics character, Batman’s butler. Pennyworth serves as the origin story of Alfred Pennyworth, exploring his youth life. Alfred is Ex British SAS member in 1950s London. 

Alfred was suffering from PTSD after the great war. He formed his own security agency and eventually worked for Thomas and Martha Wayne, as well as their son Bruce. What follows is the after events that got involved in their lives. The show received praises for its first two seasons from critics for the most part. On the other hand, the audience was thrilled to see a young Alfred running around in the streets of London. And fans who already binged through the first two seasons are now waiting for Pennyworth Season 3.

Pennyworth Season 3: Release Date

The second season of Pennyworth started premiering on Epix on December 13, 2020 and finished its run on April 11, 2021. The second season consisted of a total of ten episodes. ANd on October 16, during DC fandom 2021, the makers announced the renewal of the series for Pennyworth Season 3. 

HBO confirmed the news via its official social media handle. Along with that, a video featuring Pennyworth performers Jack Bannon and Ben Aldridge was posted on HBO Max’s official social media account. The two actors made the formal announcement for Pennyworth Season 3 as well as provided some details on what fans can expect from the third season. Alfred Pennyworth actor Jack Bannon said, “We’ve had so much in making Pennyworth over the past two seasons. We just wanted to thank you so much for your support.”

In the clip, the actor also mentioned that they are on the set as the production for Pennyworth Season 3 is underway. Jack also hinted that the next season might release in late 2022 on HBO Max. Meanwhile, the first season will be available on the platform in May 2022.

What Will Happen In The Next Season?

In Pennyworth Season 2, fans saw England in a destructive civil war. Meanwhile, the neo-fascist Raven Union, under the leadership of Lord Hardwood was seeking to gain control of the country. Northern London was one of the last remaining stands of the resistance. In the second season the viewers saw, Alfred Pennyworth running The Delaney, a black-market Soho club, with his SAS associates, Bazza and Daveboy. Meanwhile, he was also trying to escape wartorn England and go to the USA. 

The ending of the second season was a total surprise for everyone when Martha Wayne gave birth to a little girl when viewers were expecting baby Bruce. So now, the upcoming season will give out details about the baby and her father. In Pennyworth Season 3, Alfred will also try to take down the Raven Union. As per the information, the upcoming season will have a time jump of five years.

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