May 30, 2024
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Sandition Season 2: BritBox UK Announced Show’s Renewal, Release Date & First Look Out

Sandition Season 2

The intriguing British romantic drama Sandition has charmed its way into the hearts of the American audience. The first season of the show was released in 2019 on ITV. However, the USA viewers were introduced to the show in January 2020 on PBS. And now, we have some good news for the fans who are desperately anticipating Sandition Season 2, as they are really excited about it. 


Sandition is a British romantic drama TV series that debuted on ITV. The show developed by Andrew Davis is an adaptation of Jane Austin’s novel of the same name from 1817. The series is the story of a free-spirited named Charlotte Heywood. Young Charlotte moves to the titular resort town of Sandition. She becomes interested in the secretive life of town folks. Charlotte crosses paths with Sindey Parker exploring the city. However, her curiosity often puts her in problems. 

Sandition season 2

Despite critics’ mixed response towards the series, as they were disappointed by the first season’s ending, the show has managed to create a sizable fanbase. The periodic drama has an interesting storyline. And fans are now looking forward to Sandition Season 2. 

Sandition Season 2 Release Date And First Look Out

The show’s first season released in the UK on ITV on August 25, 2021. Meanwhile, the American premiere of the series was on January 12, 2020, on PBS. The first season has a total of eight episodes. 

Although there was confusion about the possibility of the second season. Talking about Sandition Season 2, executive producer Belind a Campbell said that “Creators always said, and ITV has also said that they would like to see Sandition get picked up and carried on elsewhere. But the truth is, it just didn’t get the numbers high enough. So were it to continue, we would need a new partner.” However, fans now have a reason to rejoice. As BritBox UK has announced the show’s renewal for Sandition Season 2 and 3. Not just that, the second season of the romantic drama is set to air on March 20, 2022.

Sandition Season 2

As per the reports, the production for the second season is currently underway. And the filming is taking place in Briston, Norfolk. Meanwhile, the first look of some characters for the next season has been revealed. Fans can see a group of soldiers in red uniforms in the first look, led by Colonel Francis Lennox.

What Will Happen In The Second Season?

At the end of the first season, James Stringer admitted his love to Charlotte. Unfortunately, Tom Parker’s new building burned, and he lost his fortune. Meanwhile, Sidney was in a challenging situation, mainly regarding his love life. He got engaged to Eliza Campion, despite his love for Charlotte. His family’s dire financial condition was the reason behind it. Meanwhile, Charlotte is devastated and left in her carriage at the end of the season.

Sandition Season 2

It looks like the sad ending of the first season may lay the foundation for Sandition Season 2. More drama will unfold when the characters return to Sanditon. Given their long history together and the fact that Sidney has no affections for her when they engaged.

The following season could explore Sidney and Eliza’s relationship further. But Sidney’s love for Charlotte will impact his relationship with Eliza and his own family. In an interview, Belinda Campbell also claimed that Charlotte and Sidney

will end up together since the authors are “not that perverse.” 

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