June 14, 2024
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Anne With An E Season 4: Will It Ever Return? Here Is Why The Series Should Never Have Been Canceled!

Anne With An E Season 4

Anne With An E was canceled back in 2019 before the third season’s premiere. However, fans were curious to learn more about Anne With An E Season 4. But will it ever happen? So far, fans have been seeking the answers to their questions which are left untouched. But will Anne return to address such questions? It remains up in the air.


Soon after the renewal, many reached the streaming platform and the production house to find out whether the show could return. But it’s been more than three years Netflix remained mum. Does this further suggest whether Anne With An E could ever return? Before jumping on it, let’s see why the show shouldn’t have been canceled yet.

Moira Walley-Beckett created the series based on Anne Of Green Gables. It follows the life of 13-year-old Anne Shirley, a talkative and high-spirited girl whose parents died, which forced her to live as an orphan. Later an elderly brother and sister, Matthew and Marilla, adopted her. At first, Marilla didn’t trust her. But with time, things between Marilla and Anne changed. However, Anne continued to face the bully in her school and found it difficult to navigate her life. But things changed with time.

Anne With An E Season 4: Is It Renewed Yet?

Anne With An E Season 4

Before the third season’s premiere, Netflix and CBS announced that they wouldn’t continue with Anne With An E. The cancelation news came when the series showrunner Moira Walley-Beckett and others celebrated the show’s third anniversary. Moria shared on social media that “Anne Nation you are the sweetest and Thanks for remembering that 3 years ago today.”

Anne With An E Season 3 had hit the headlines back in time at the annual Canadian Screen Awards. There it gained 17 noms, including the best lead actress for Amybeth McNulty. Despite this, Netflix and CBS jointly canceled the series for the fourth season. Apart from this, the three seasons received a positive response, and fans outcried for the next season.

Campaign Began To Revive Season 4

Anne With An E Season 4

Shortly after Netflix and CBS canceled the show, fans started a campaign to renew Anne With An E Season 4. They started with different milestones. At first, the fans bought New York Time Square billboard to revive the show for the fourth season. As per the reports, they have also bought billboards on highways as well as in Texas. On Instagram, Moira stated that she is a writer, but still, words fail to express how much she acknowledges their fans’ work. She added she is humble and honored by the support she and the entire team received from the fans.

Besides billboards, the fans also signed a petition on Change.org on November 25, 2019. The petition has reached tens of thousands and is still growing up. As per the reports, the petition has reached a milestone. It already hit 600,000 in June 2020, and now it continues to grow. Early in 2021, the petition has reached 1.5 million signatures.

Despite this, the series failed to return. A spokesperson of the production team revealed that the reason behind the series cancellation is a lack of money to investigate. Though fans are ready to accumulate it, the streaming platform yet remained mum regarding Anne With An E Season 4.

Anne With An E Season 4: Why It Shouldn’t Be Canceled?

Unfinished Plotlines

Anne With An E Season 4

Well, fans were startled after learning that Anne With An E Season 4 isn’t on the cards. But the most shocking part for them was the unfinished storyline. If you remember, there was a young Indigenous Canadian girl named Ka’kwet, whom Anna befriends in the previous season. Later someone took her to a residential school. Although her parents attempted to save her, nothing had happened. Thus fans remained upset to learn that they would never explore her storyline.

Just Started Exploring Important Issues

Anne With An E Season 4

The interesting part of the show was its commitment to exploring important issues. They have had expressed several social justice and self-esteem topics. However, the book took place before such topics took place. But fans loved how they carved everything beautifully. Besides this, Anna was about to leave for her college, where she might focus on some more social injustice issues. But unfortunately, it remained unclear how things would move now.

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