May 24, 2024
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Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 6: MEDUSA’s Identity Is EXPOSED!

Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 6

Matthew Lee is in a desperate attempt to kill Do Hyuk, and even in the previous episode, he was this close to ending the latter’s life. But Ra Hee saved Do Hyuk, creating complications for herself only. While things didn’t work per Matthew’s plan, Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 6 suggests that he will soon learn about the traitor’s identity. Will it cause chaos in Ra Hee’s life? Will she end up becoming Matthew’s next target? Things are quite chaotic now, so keep reading to learn how things will move in the upcoming episode of Escape Of The Seven Season 2.


Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 6: Matthew Learns About MEDUSA

Previously, Matthew tried to kill Do Hyuk. He was controlling Do Hyuk’s car from his home and was all set to end the latter’s life in a car accident. But Geum Ra Hee didn’t want this to happen, and she tried every possible way to save Do Hyuk. Although her attempt succeeded and Do Hyuk was rescued, he took MEDUSA’s name in a desperate attempt to survive, making it challenging for Ra Hee. This led Matthew to doubt his own people. The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 6 preview clip also suggests that Matthew now knows that MEDUSA is among them and someone from his minions is betraying him.

So, to gain an upper hand in this situation, he asks everyone to spill the truth. But since nobody knows about MEDUSA’s identity, Matthew makes things more terrifying for his people. He claims to kill everyone if they don’t spit the truth. While things turn more chaotic, Ra Hee decides to take matters into her own hands and manipulates Matthew

. She even gets someone arrested, winning Matthew’s trust again. Although she has saved herself, things aren’t going to change now.

That’s because Matthew’s minions are now on the verge of rebelling, starting with Shim Mi Young. In the preview clip, she can be seen throwing dirt on Matthew’s name, which leads to an intense face-off between the two. Matthew tries to overpower her, but Mi Young doesn’t give him time to act; she slaps Matthew and reminds him about his place. This intense face-off worsens the situation, leading Matthew to return to his ruthless side. On the other hand, Jin Mo deduces that Mo Ne resembles a lot like the young girl. However, he still needs to figure out the whole situation.

Ra Hee Walks Alone

Another preview clip of Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 6 suggests that Ra Hee is done with her minions after Do Hyuk spits MEDUSA’s name. Although she has already dodged the situation, she can’t trust him more. So, Ra Hee decides to take revenge on Matthew on her own. She also vows to finish everything that Matthew cherishes. As for Mo Ne, she has already declared war on Ra Hee. So, it will undoubtedly bring Ra Hee in the middle of catastrophic events. Even the preview suggests that someone will try to kill Ra Hee, leading to a car accident. Will she survive? Only time will tell.

Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 6: Release Date

As we know, Matthew Lee is aware that a traitor is among them. He won’t leave his people, which also includes Ra Hee. So, will he try to kill Ra Hee? You will soon learn on Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Episode 6, which will air on April 13, 2024, at 10 pm KST. The all-new episodes air every Friday and Saturday. For the South Korean audience, you can stream it on SBS, while the global viewers can catch it on Viu or Viki. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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