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Peaky Blinders Season 6: Creator Hints At Tribute To Aunt Polly! Glorious Conclusion Ahead

Peaky Blinders Season 6 will mark the beginning of the end for Shelby Co. Ltd. The infamous Thomas Shelby will be back with his family of bold gangsters for one last time, leaving the audience in awe. Steven Knight, Peaky Blinders creator, teased that the fans have a magnificent conclusion coming ahead next season. Unfortunately, however, the famous Shelby star cast has suffered the massive loss of Helen McCrory in 2021. Helen passed away, leaving Aunt Polly’s shoes empty in the show. She played the role of Aunt Polly, who has been a crucial member of the Shelby Family. 

Recently, the creator of Peaky Blinders opened up about what will happen to Aunt Polly in the final season of Peaky Blinders. Also, there have been new revelations about how the upcoming season will bid farewell to its dedicated fans. The show will feature a tribute to Actor Helen McCrory in the final season. Read further to know everything about the last season, including the plot revelations, new star cast, and more exciting news.  

Season 6 To Feature A Tribute To Helen McCroy

Image: Netflix

Helen McCrory has pulled off a blinder playing the role of Aunt Polly, leaving the fans in awe. She has always kept the fight alive whenever Thomas Shelby has lacked the strength to move ahead. Aunt Polly has been the heart and soul of the Shelby family. Further, fans will surely experience a big hollow in the upcoming season’s plotline due to the passing of Helen McCrory.

Moreover, the big question here for the fans is, Will she be featuring in the final season? Steven Knight cleared the fog about Aunt Polly’s appearance while talking to Birmingham Live. Also, Knight told the fans that the show features a tribute to Aunt Polly next season. He shared that Aunt Polly will be seen in the final season. Further, he added that there were plans for other endeavors which might “precede broadcasting.” 

Knight did not reveal what will become of Polly. However, peeping into the season 5 finale, the Shelby failed the plot to take down Oswald Mosley. The failure resulted in the death of Aberama Gold. Also, Season 5 witnessed romance between Polly and Gold. So, the fans speculate the end of Gold resulting in Aunt Polly moving away from the family, signaling her exit from the show. However, the production has kept quiet about the fate of Aunty Polly in Peaky Blinders Season 6.

Season 6: A Monumental Conclusion Ahead

Earlier in 2019, Steven Knight teased that Peaky Blinders Season 6 will feature a grand conclusion. That time, Peaky Blinder won the best drama award in 2019. Knight spoke to the press association at the National Television Awards, teasing that the fans should get ready to expect the unexpected. He also suggested that the show will take unimaginable turns and possibly be the best season the fans have come across. Knight teased that the show will enter into the climax featuring the 1930’s coinciding with the initial stages of World War 2.

The fans saw Thomas Shelby and his family establishing themselves after he, and Arthur returns from the war. They start Shelby Co. Ltd. as he built their name, taking on political rivals, other gangs and building up a fortune. The show has been appreciated worldwide and is set to leave the fans with a memorable end to Peaky Blinders series, depicting the fictional tale concocted with historical accuracies and conclusion just ahead of World War 2. However, the official synopsis for Season 6 of Peaky Blinders has not been revealed so far.

Season 6: Conrad Khan To Feature In Peaky Blinders

Conrad Khan is set to make his debut for the Peaky Blinders in Season 6. Recently, the 20-year-old rising star from North London has gathered for his impressive performances. He also received a EE Rising Star award nomination at the BAFTA. Conrad Khan stated that his addition to the Peaky Blinder’s Cast is a dream come true. 

His character will be seen with a scar on his head, as per NME. However, no information about his role has been revealed yet. However, it will be thrilling to see how he fits in Season 6, being a friend to The Shelby or an enemy.

Season 6: New Appearances & Star Cast

According to Peaky Blinders’ official Twitter account, new stars to appear in the upcoming season are Stephen Graham, Amber Anderson, James Frecheville, and Rebecca Keatley. Also, Conrad Khan has been recently added to this list. We will also see the fan-familiar characters like Tommy, Arthur, Finn, and Ada Shelby, along with antagonist Oswald Mosley and Polly Gray’s son, Micheal Gray.

Image: Netflix

Peaky Blinders Season 6: Premiere Date

The production of Season 6 wrapped up in May 2021. The fans were expecting a September 2021 release. However, Conrad Khan hinted that the premiere date would be around February 2022. He shared with Radio Times that the post-production team has a big job in hand, taking around six months to finish. However, the premiere date has been revealed by the production yet. Till then stay tuned with us for more updates.


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