Dollface Season 2

Dollface Season 2: Lilly Singh’s First Look From Upcoming Season! Know What’s Next

The road for the second season of Hulu’s comedy-drama series Dollface may have been a long and bumpy one. But to the fans’ excitement, Dollface Season 2 is getting closer after over a two-year wait. And to know more here’s is everything about the second season so far.

The first season of the Dollface debuted on Hulu in November 2019. The show stars Kat Dennings as Jules Wiley, a beautiful young woman who gets heartbroken after her long-time boyfriend ditched her. Upon separating from her partner, Jules realized that she had lost almost all of her friends while she was in a toxic relationship, which did not last anyway. So, determined to win them back, Jules reconciles with her old friends, making up for the plot of the series. 

Dollface Season 2

Dollface, created by Jordan Weiss, is a light-hearted comedy-drama with friendships at its center. The show has managed to appeal to young women of today. And the audience found the characters of Jules and her friends relatable. Meanwhile, the critical response towards the show has also been positive. Unfortunately, the viewers have to wait for over two years for Dollface Season 2. But luckily, the updates about the season are now pouring in.

Dollface Season 2: First Look Out!

The reports of Canadian comedian Lilly Singh appearing in Dollface Season 2 have been around for a while now. Now with the first looks for the second season are here, the news of Lilly Singh joining the cast for the second season is confirmed. Lilly will join the show as Liv, who is a queer bartender and the owner of the bar. She has a jolly sense of humor.

Liv will be connected with Stella both via business and romance. The exclusive images by Tvline also give us a peek at the following season. It reveals Stella, Madison, Jules, and Izzy sitting by a bar while Lilly’s character Liv, the owner of the bar, is standing on the other side of the bar.  

Dollface Season 2

Lilly Singh’s entertainment career started as a YouTube video creator. She has had quite a journey since then. She had international tours, published a book, and more recently hosted the late-night talk show A Little Late with Lilly Singh. So, it will be interesting to see what new adventures Lilly brings in the second season of the Dollface.

Dollface Season 2: Release Date

There have been one after another delay in the way of Dollface Season 2. But the true fans have kept the patience. And now, the sweet fruit of their patience is coming closer. According to reports, Dollface Season 2 is set to release on Hulu on February 11, 2022. 

Dollface Season 2

What To Expect From Next Season?

It looks like the next season will explore Jules and her friends as she is reaching her 30th birthday, “post-pandemic, post-heartbreak.” After they’ve reunited with friends, they will navigate through life in their 30s together. Meanwhile, Lilly’s entry as Liv into the show will add new drama in the following season.

The official synopsis for the second season of the show is also out. It reads, “Having successfully reunited with her friends, Jules must now balance keeping their group together as the women navigate work, love, and a deeper relationship with each of themselves.”

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