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Shrill Season 4: What Did Aidy Bryant Say About the Fourth Season? Will It Return?

Shrill Season 4

Over the past few years, Hulu has been home to some truely amazing drama series. Shrill, developed by Aidy Bryant, Lindy West, and Ali Rushfield, is another fan-favorite comedy show on the platform. The series revolves around Annie Easton, a newbie journalist working to make her mark on the field while also managing other roles in her life like a daughter, a friend, and a girlfriend. The third season dropped on Hulu in May 2021. Since then, fans have been wondering will the show return with Shrill Season 4. But will the show return? Keep reading to find out.

Who Could Return For Shrill Season 4?

Shrill Season 4

The cast for Shirll is led by Aidy Bryant, playing Annie Easton. The series revolves around her. Aidy’s Mother, Vera, is played by Julia Sweeney and Daniel Stern appears as her father, Bill. Other significant cast members include Lolly Adefope playing Aidy friend Fran, Luka Jones as Aidy, Boyfriend Ryan, and John Cameron as Gabe Parrish.

In addition, the show also features Patti Harrison as Ruthie, Ian Owens as Amadi, Anthony Oberbeck as N, Scott Engdahl as Andy, and Sean Tarjyoto as Angus. While Kim is played by Dana Millican, Tommy Snider appears as Mike. When the show comes back for Shrill Season 4, most of the main cast members will return to their roles.

What Could Happen Next?

Shrill Season 4:

As of now, there has been no update yet of the series returning with the fourth season. But if it happens, viewers can expect Shrill Season 4 to pick up the story after the end of the third season. The next season may have a more enjoyable storyline revolving around Annie and Fran’s relationship. Fans may see them living their lives differently and maybe far away from each other. In the third season, we saw Annie was comfortable with Will. So, she might move on from Nick entirely. At the end of the third season, there was a big fight between Fran and Emily. The next season will answer where they are headed from then. Will they reconcile, or will they part their ways forever?

Is Shrill Based On A True Story?

Shrill a Hulu comedy series is based on Lindy West’s memoir ‘Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman.’ The show’s writer, who also acts as an executive producer, is recognized for her unflinching comedy that tackles feminism and fat activism issues. The memoir weaves together several events from her life, ranging from her encounters with Online trolls to coping with her father’s death.

Shrill Season 4

She was taken aback when she initially heard that her work would be adapted for television. She added that it seems improbable that there could be a show in that book. But as the project took shape, she realized she didn’t just want to be a part of it; she also wanted to include women’s tales. Annie Easton, portrayed by Aidy Bryant of Saturday Night Live fame, is the protagonist of ‘Shrill.’ While West’s biography inspires the show, it forges its own road as Annie’s story unfolds. Annie is the sum total of all the women who have contributed to the creation of her story.

The show has undergone several more adjustments to make it more about Annie than West. Her father is unwell in the show, but he is still alive. Annie works for a demanding boss in the television adaptation, although the character is not based on West’s actual experiences with her boss. Another significant difference in the plot is Annie’s treatment of the troll who has been following her.

Will There Be Shrill Season 4?

The entire third season of Shrill premiered on Hulu on May 7, 2021. Now talking about Shrill Season 3, the showrunners have already confirmed that the third season was going to be its last outing ever in January 2021, even before the premiere of season 3. 

Watch Shrill: The Complete First Season | Prime Video

Talking about Shrill Season 3, Aidy Bryant, in an interview, commented, “Annie ends up in a place where hopefully a lot of people end up if they have a reckoning with their own self-hatred and those kinds of things, where it’s like, ‘OK, I have a better handle on this when it started. Does it still rear its ugly head and punch me in the face sometimes? Absolutely, but now I know how to cope with it.”

During another conversation, she also stated, “‘ Shrill’ has been one of the most creatively satisfying experiences of my life, a true labor of love for me and everyone who worked so hard on it.” So we regret to inform the fans that there might not be a fourth season of the series.

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