March 25, 2023
5G News

Do you think 5G is exciting? Just wait for the 6G

In the race of 5g and 6g which one is better and more advanced? Wireless manufacturing has transformed the way we work and play, so it’s no wonder why 5G has caught everyone’s attention. Already in some cities, and soon worldwide, fiber optic transmission speeds will invisibly reach all our pockets, bringing television, 3D images […]

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News Samsung

Samsung Teased of Galaxy Z Flip during Oscar’s Commercial Break

One of the leading important name in technology and smartphone companies. Samsung played a teaser of not yet announced smartphone Galaxy Z Flip during Oscar’s commercial break. It is not just the leaks that allow us to know what the big technology companies plan to announce in their speeches, more and more are the companies […]

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Launches News PlayStation

PS5 and Xbox Series X Launches Could be Delayed Due to the Coronavirus

PS5 and Xbox Series X will arrive later this year, announcing the next generation of the console games life cycle. Seven years have passed since the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One. So naturally, players are incredibly excited at the prospect of having a next-generation gaming machine under their Christmas trees. However, there may […]

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Ubisoft Approves 5 Innovative AAA Games – But They’re Not What You Want

Attention all game lovers!! The ultimate Ubisoft will launch five new amazing AAA games in 2020-2021. All three of them will be released later this year and two will be launched in early 2021. And none of them will be Beyond Good and Evil 2. But wait there are not what you want. According to […]

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Apple News

Everything you Need to Know About the Exceptional Apple’s Pencil

Apple introduced in 2015 the first iPad Pro, which came with an optional stylus called Apple Pencil. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was famous against stylus, but Apple Pencil has proven to be a useful tool for taking notes, drawing and more. Furthermore, the Apple Pencil has been maintained since 2015 and, as of today, […]

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How CoronaVirus is effecting the Tech Businesses in China

Sadly, the coronavirus is spending rapidly in Wuhan China while reportedly so many people have lost their lives. Due to this China and other big tech companies are suffering badly.   The technology sector is currently feeling the impact of the coronavirus, with companies that close offices, stores, and factories in China, in addition to […]

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Games News

Pokémon Go Sinnoh Celebration Event guide with Starting time and what to Expect

All Pokémon fans get ready as Pokémon Go the event is about to happen soon. While the Pokémon Go is ready to celebrate the Sinnoh region in a completely new event. That will see Gen 4 Pokémon appear more frequently in nature. Firstly, the Instructors will also have the opportunity to catch two new Bright […]

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Games Leaks News

Minecraft Nether Update: Is Netherite better than diamonds?

A new great update from Nether in Minecraft has revealed some great new materials! The Nether was first introduced in the game in 2010, and since then there have not been many changes. It’s a pretty intense area full of lava, Zombie Pigmen, Ghosts and the Ender Dragon! But this new update includes an exciting […]

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Apple Leaks News

Apple Accidentally Leaked Radical iPhone Upgrade

The iPhone 12 2020 has already been widely filtered and details the largest core analysis in generations. But now Apple has accidentally exposed something that can convince millions of iPhone and Apple Watch users that it is not necessary to update. Firstly, picked up by 9to5Mac, Apple accidentally left the code in its recently released […]

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News PlayStation

PlayStation Store Sale: 10 Great PS4 Games Currently $10 or Cheaper

If you are a game lover and keep yourself updated with the newest games and upgrades then this blog is for you. These games are expensive, but NOT anymore on PS4 store, as it seems low-priced and cheaper. As today we going to highlight the 10 great PS4 games which are under $10 or cheaper. […]

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