December 5, 2023
Google Huawei News

Google Reportedly Wants to do Business with Huawei again

According to the recent statements and news circling around about. Google now seeks to obtain a license from the US government. This could be a breath of fresh air for Huawei and could restore access to Google’s mobile services on mobile headsets such as the Mate 30 and the Mate Xs. After all the bans […]

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Apple News

One of Apple’s major events is approaching in 2020: will the coronavirus ruin it?

Two months in 2020 and it’s already many of the major events of the technology manufacturing have been completely affected thanks to the continued spread of the coronavirus. Furthermore, which bestowing to the latest data is accountable for more than 82,000 cases worldwide and more than 2,800 deaths. However, earlier this month, the organizers of […]

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Games Leaks News

Fortnite SHADOW Safe Houses locations: where to find them all

Along with the motive of the spy introduced in the new season, we now have a series of Fortnite SHADOW Safe Houses scattered around the island. Unlike the larger headquarters that are clearly marked on the map. You will have to track these safe houses individually, and for one of the challenges of Fortnite Brutus’ […]

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Games News

Borderlands 3 Discloses the Thematic Expansion of Lovecraftian and the release date of Steam

All borderland game lovers! This news is for you all as they have prepared for Eldritch’s action in the new Borderlands 3 expansion. As this amazing innovative game is getting a new campaign-focused expansion and Steam will soon be released for all its players. According to the recent statements which become viral is as following […]

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5G News Nokia

Nokia Offers 5G Private wireless network to Lufthansa Technik

With the new network technology, customers will no longer have to physically attend the service, but a high-definition video link will take them directly to the review workshop. Furthermore, Nokia smartphone communication company said today that it has deployed an industrial-grade. With the 5G private wireless network for Lufthansa Technik. As it is the world’s […]

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Mobile News

OnePlus 7T Pro Wins Best Smartphone Award at MWC 2020: Check out what made it better

OnePlus 7T Pro has won the best smartphone award at MWC 2020, even though the event was canceled. OnePlus 7T Pro is the flagship offer of OnePlus. If the coronavirus epidemic had not happened, we would be busy dealing with all smartphone launches at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.  The event was […]

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5G News

T-Mobile launches another 5G anti-Verizon campaign

T-Mobile is once more concentrating on its marketing energy on verbally tearing down the Verizon 5G network. In an advertising campaign launched on Wednesday, T-Mobile calls its rival operator “Verwhyzon” and asks why Verizon 5G is only available in limited areas. “In the 5G era, they are losing the crown of their network,” T-Mobile CTO, […]

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Mobile News Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Gets an Amazing Camera Boost before it goes on sale

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 will not go on sale until March, but the company is clearly still preparing for launch by making improvements to its flagship camera before it reaches shelves. As those incoming improvements were spied on by the people of TizenHelp who discovered that Samsung was initially releasing a new firmware version for the […]

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Launches Microsoft News

Microsoft launches its new Chromium-based Edge through the Windows 10 Insider Update

A piece of amazing news for all tech lovers. The Microsoft new edge browser is now rolling out to release preview windows insiders.  The new Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium and gives Google Chrome a chance for its money in several ways. Now Microsoft is starting to replace the old Edge with the new […]

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Mobile News Xiaomi

Xiaomi Black Shark 3 design partially revealed in promotional videos

As the launch date coming near and near the most exciting Xiaomi’s black shark showed it’s live pictures in the video. The Xiaomi Black Shark 3 will arrive on March 3, but today, the company also opened pre-registrations and published a couple of teasers, revealing the design of the phone. What it looks like? It […]

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